Moving to AC middle of May with the family

Posted By: CopterDr

Moving to AC middle of May with the family - 03/31/14 05:33 AM

So after many years and long deliberations We have decided to move our family to AC, we have just had enough of the hectic lifestyle in the states. We have a 6 month lease at a nice condo south of town and if we like it we will renew and if we find an area we like better we will move. We have 2 kids son is 10 and daughter is 3. So we wanted to be close enough to his school, that being said how is island international. We have read mixed reviews. I work in Angola Africa for 28 days then I will be home 28 days that is my normal rotation. While I am here I have no worries or issue with safety and how people from other cultures act or come across. I have worked all over the world and met some of the nicest people you'd ever meet and had AK47s put to my head by some pretty bad people on more than one occasion, (just give them some money and off the went, no worries). Now for my wife this will be her first time out of the USA so this will be a culture shock in some ways I mean it want as bad if I was moving her to Nigeria, but she has some legitimate concerns,as do I for her safety and the kids. My real question is how safe is it for her to ride her golf cart to pick our son up from school, could he walk or ride his bike to school by himself, being gone half of the time just makes her feel that she could be targeted. I no there truly is NO safe place, and you have to take the good with the bad, I'm going to take her out in the downtown area and let her get the feel if we are approached by people wanting to sale her stuff or ask her for money just to see how she does then go over anything she could have done different. I have always preached to her if she stands her ground it usually will either confuse or frustrate them to leave. mainly I have to introduce her to the word NO! and then tell her if telling someone no over and over doesn't work, just tell them to [#%!] off. We are extremely excited about this opportunity that most people our age would never get to do it is truly a blessing. It doesn't matter where you live as long as you learn to make the best of it.
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Re: Moving to AC middle of May with the family - 03/31/14 11:06 AM

You, your wife and kids should be fine. I'd use caution getting around late at night, but the lifestyle you outline seems both sane and safe.
Island Academy is lovely.
Being in a condo complex assures a level of security and some neighbors for company and socializing - all in all it sounds like a good plan to me.
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Re: Moving to AC middle of May with the family - 03/31/14 11:26 AM

You guys will be just fine, I work in the same industry as you and live on the island as well. Having traveled like yourself there are many places that you could live that are much worse.

I have never felt unsafe on the island. There are problems on the island as with anywhere but I don't think that you are planning to be involved in that industry which is causing the problems ...

I would use caution in letting your son ride his bike to school ... not that he would be unsafe from people ... the traffic is what I would worry about until he learns what to look out for ... please enjoy yourselves and embrace your new adventure. I will drop you a line next time I am headed home. I don't work a rotation as you and usually go for the duration of the project ... I will be making it back to the island by June or so .... Enjoy
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