Still trying to rent a golf cart????

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Still trying to rent a golf cart???? - 04/16/14 07:11 PM

I read on a website that you can drive on the roads up North to Journey's End - Then you have to take the beach by golf cart any further due to roads are so bad.... I just need to be able to get to La Perla del Caribe which is just before Portofino.... Can anyone tell me if this is for sure possible? We are trying to make the decision if we should just do the water taxi, but we would like to explore the island...
Thank you!!! smile
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Re: Still trying to rent a golf cart???? - 04/16/14 08:07 PM


As someone who has stayed at La Perla 2x in 2 years, the answer to your question is "it depends". Sections of the "road" (3rd world rutted, flooded, looks like Beirut on a bad day) are simply impassable by golfcart if it has rained. Plus its on the back part of the island so you have no view of the beautiful shore, reef, properties, etc. Two years ago it had been relatively dry so we rented a cart. It was still a pretty uncomfortable 45 minute ride from LaPerla to town that we only did twice in 15 days, plus you have the $5US bridge toll. Trust me, its not something you want to do very often. The extreme bouncing can be tough on certain parts of the female anatomy...I'm told. This past February there were rains a few days before we arrived so a cart is just not an option. Howwever we rode the water taxi to town a couple of times and we also rented bikes from Joe's Bikes in town for about 10 days. Frankly, that is a LOT of fun (we're 57 and 62) and not too difficult if you are in any sort of physical condition. You can easily walk to Portofino, Mata Chica, even X'tan Ha is not too far north and its beautiful. My advice, take a deep breath and get in Belize mode. It will all work out.

However if you feel you MUST have a cart, you should consider something within 2.5 miles from town. But you'll be missing some of the prettiest part of the island.

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Re: Still trying to rent a golf cart???? - 04/16/14 09:57 PM

If you tell most of the rental companies in town that you are staying that far north you will not have to worry about the roads as they will not rent you a cart ... Most of the companies got tired of having to go and get them when they get stuck or die out in the water ...
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Re: Still trying to rent a golf cart???? - 04/17/14 01:46 PM

Ok.... I think I'm convinced now.... Water taxi it is!!!

Thanks guys!!!! smile
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