insect repellent?

Posted By: Eko

insect repellent? - 12/27/00 07:40 PM

What is the best insect repellent to use in Belize and the Cayes? Does anyone know if skintastic is effective? In the Cayes do you have to wear insect repellent during day and night? Can you buy some there?
Posted By: mina

Re: insect repellent? - 12/28/00 12:15 AM

Just there two weeks ago...I used bug spray all day and definitely at night. Used skin-so-soft during day for little nats and flies and definitely 30% deet for evenings. One night I forgot to hit my feet and arms at Capricorn and got eaten alive! Fortunately they have some Off on hand. I'm sure you can buy it there but it is extremely expensive. Best to bring your own. Our hotel was spraying every night but I still felt that the bugs were pretty bad, except for on the breezy days.
Posted By: Marty

Re: insect repellent? - 12/29/00 10:03 PM

they are off and on, many many days are breezy enough so that you need nothing, but always bring some along for if the breeze stops or if you head into the more away from the wind areas, say away from town up north or south...

generally along the eastern shore the wind takes care of the bugs. but have some high-deet stuff with you, just in case.

bring sunscreen, aloe vera, bug spray, lip protection (with sunscreen).
Posted By: Brion

Re: insect repellent? - 01/02/01 08:15 PM

If you have an REI near you (or EMS if you're East Coast) get Jungle Juice - it's 100% DEET and is really the only thing that will keep you from being eaten alive. 100% DEET is your friend...
Posted By: Dlite

Re: insect repellent? - 01/02/01 10:23 PM

Or you can order jungle juice from for only $3
Posted By: khallbeck

Re: insect repellent? - 01/03/01 06:43 PM

Just spray yourself in the morning after a shower, and after you get wet anytime and before you go to bed. I only got bit 5 times, and that was my fault for missing a spot.
There is also sun tan lotion with insect repelant in it.
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