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Posted By: matteoj

First Time Scuba - 12/28/00 11:52 PM

My fiance and I are headed to Ambergris Caye in mid-January. Although I am too chicken, he is dying to try scuba. Any suggestions on a good/safe instructor? He is not certified, can he still go down with an instructor? Any help is appreciated!
Posted By: Terri

Re: First Time Scuba - 12/29/00 02:48 AM

I don't have any recomendations but Belize is a wonderful place to try diving. It is the first place I did a real ocean dive and the people were absolutely fantastic. Have fun. You should try it also and don't be afraid. I used Ramon's, Amigos Del Mar and Hustler. It is amazing.
Posted By: Doug

Re: First Time Scuba - 12/29/00 05:41 AM

Hi there, I can tell you that I was recently certified during a visit to Ambergris Caye. I did my diving with Hustler Tours and was VERY happy with the experience. If you aren't comfortable diving with Billy Leslie, you'll never be comfortable diving! Just my two cents, Doug
Posted By: MamaLiz

Re: First Time Scuba - 12/29/00 06:36 AM

I highly recommend Amigos Del Mar. The Discover Scuba aka Resort Course will be such a blast, he'll be hooked for life.
You start with a video (Water, it's everywhere) then you get into some shallow water to learn how to use the equipment. You learn how to clear water out of your mask, equalize the pressure in your ears, and breathe with a regulator. Then it's off you go for a fairly shallow dive (our first was probably 25') the Dive Master will be right by you the whole time. You'll probably have a lunch break, then do a second dive.
When I went, I was a newly certified diver, but my friend had never thought she would dive in her life. We were both so thrilled afterwards even though we both confessed that we were scared to death right before we went in.
I hope you'll join you boyfriend and have an experience you'll never ever forget.
Posted By: matteoj

Re: First Time Scuba - 12/29/00 04:44 PM

Thank you all so much! I will relay the information to him, and hopefully gather up enough courage to join him! If not there is always snorkelling [Linked Image]
Posted By: Marty

Re: First Time Scuba - 12/29/00 09:32 PM

DON'T BE CHICKEN! My wife and kids were chicken, and now they love it.

Its like flying. take the pool classes in your home town, then do the open water dives in san pedro. then you get the full certification in san pedro, and can then dive to your hearts delight.

thats the best way. trust me there. our classes here in oregon went to the black see 1 foot water - super cold- for open water. we came to san pedro. take the last set of classes before you go down, so your last classes are right before you get to san pedro.

Please don't be chicken. Wouldn't you like to fly?
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: First Time Scuba - 12/29/00 11:00 PM

There has been some very good advise here. I too would urge you to find a local dive shop RIGHT NOW! Take all the class room and pool stuff RIGHT NOW! You will not want to spend anytime in paradise studying. Lot's of places have two for the price of one deals. Especially this time of year. Most agencies have 6 class room sessions, so you need to get right to it.
This will give you the confidence you will need. Billy Leslie is the most calm and patient instructor you will ever find. Bring your referral with you and as has been said by others, you can get your full certification in nice warm water.
What do you have to loose? It took me a lot of work to get certified, I had lots of fears -- but I was determined! It will open up a world you never imagined existed.
Please keep us posted.

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