May 2014 frightened me

Posted By: cm815

May 2014 frightened me - 06/01/14 02:11 PM

April 26th Dennis 'Chingy' Palacio was fatally shot
May 2nd Guns and ammunition are stolen from Police
May 9th armed robbery incident at Bowen and Bowen
May 10th attempted murder
May 18th Two women Shooting
May 31st Alfred Kelvin. Killed,

This island is too small to have this much crime???????????????

This information all came from the "Message Board"
Posted By: Welland

Re: May 2014 frightened me - 06/02/14 12:19 AM

Scary almost as bad as some cities in the US and Canada.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: May 2014 frightened me - 06/02/14 04:17 AM

Each and every one having nothing to do with tourists or locals not involved in the drug trade or personal vendettas. Don't get me wrong there is a problem and the problem is serious but they don't generally affect the vast majority of law abiding citizens on the island. There are solutions but those in power need to get off their cushy thrones.
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