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Beaches - 01/06/01 11:52 PM

Are there any good beaches where you can swim/snorkel right off the beach without getting run over by boats? I heard that the beach near Ramon's is OK for that but that it can be dangerous due to boat traffic.
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Re: Beaches - 01/07/01 11:33 AM

You can swim off any number of docks around A.C. The problem is, when you snorkel, you stick your face in the water; ergo, you can't see anything on the surface coming, and they can't see you from the boat, for the most part. Save yourself the worry(and the danger) take a boat trip(about $20.US) to an area that is designated for snorkeling/diving; you'll see more fish, and you're much less likely to get keel-hauled by accident!
Posted By: Marty

Re: Beaches - 01/07/01 04:36 PM

You'd have to be swimming quite a bit away from the beach to worry about the boats. Its not like they are 15 feet from shore smacking swimmers.

they are a reasonable distance from the shore.
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Re: Beaches - 01/07/01 05:45 PM

Thanks Guys,
I leave for my first trip to AC on 1/10 and plan to do lots of snorkeling on the reef.
Any favorite guides you can recommend?
Posted By: Raymond S

Re: Beaches - 01/07/01 05:57 PM

Alfonso: I had forgotten his name and Marty posted Alfonso's web site for me this a.m. Look under the snorkeling question posted by Raymond S on this Bulletin Board.

Alfonso is GREAT!!!!!!
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Re: Beaches - 01/07/01 06:29 PM

Thanks RS
I just checked out his web site and will give him a try.
Posted By: OLDBLUE2

Re: Beaches - 01/08/01 06:55 AM

You won't have any difficulty finding good snorkeling guides on AC. Ask around. Get some opinions from other visitors or hotel/condo operators.

We like the Winnie Estelle. Their current charge is $55 U.S. per person. They run a day trip which includes snorkeling and a stop on Caye Calker. The Winnie is a 66' absolutely beautiful 75 year old Chesepeake Bay Buy Boat. The guys that run it stand on their heads to give everyone their moneys worth. Snorkel trips to the reef and Hol Chan start at about $20 per person.

Good luck!

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