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Posted By: sandbar

beach fishing - 01/07/01 09:26 AM

I'm interested in doing some beach fishing as well as chartering a boat. Is it worth while bringing my own tackle to try my luck from the beach for a few hours in the evening? Don't want to bring it along if it isn't worth while. Appreciate any feedback.
Posted By: Marty

Re: beach fishing - 01/07/01 04:36 PM

You'll do much better in the boat...
Posted By: Edd

Re: beach fishing - 01/08/01 02:49 AM

Yeah, you'll certainly do better in a boat, but you can also score from the beach. Almost nobody fishes from the beach on AC, but then almost nobody fishes, period, out of AC. There are limited places to fish from the beach, but if you're willing to get in a cart and get away from the resorts, bonefish and all of the local reef fish are in abundant supply. Ultra-light tackle with small spinners and grubs will catch almost everything. Rattletraps will also catch most of the reef fish, plus barracuda. Bring your gear, and Good Fishing. That said, ALL of the local guides can put you on fish for a VERY reasonable price.
Posted By: OLDBLUE2

Re: beach fishing - 01/08/01 04:36 AM

Yes! Bring your fishing gear! I fished from shore very successfully on two previous visits. Plan to do it again a week from now. I fished for bonefish from the flats at the cut just north of San Pedro, from the beaches north of the cut and from the docks and beaches in toen and south of town. Caught bonefish just about anytime water conditions were right, any time of day...Water must be calm.

Fished for dinner using sardines purchsed at a bait shop immediately side of the airport. Fished from the beach and docks in town and on the south side of town beginning about 4:00 PM. We often cooked in the condo and found restaurants very willing to clean and serve my fish for about $5.00 per person. They were especially willing if I had a little extra fish that they could serve to others at full price.

There are many good guides and fishing from a boat is an option. I did it and enjoyed it although that tarpon still eludes me. You can fish for an hour or more anytime you feel like it with your own gear. By all means, do it!

Good luck!

Posted By: OLDBLUE2

Re: beach fishing - 01/08/01 06:36 AM

Almost forgot...
There is a good tackle shop owned by an American on the beach just south of town. He can furnish the jigs that I found very good for bonefish from the beach.

Frozen sardines are available at the bait shop on the street that runs parallel with and immediately west of the airport runway.

Good luck!

Posted By: sandbar

Re: beach fishing - 01/08/01 10:29 AM

Thank you Jim and Capt. Marty.

Jim, you convinced me, I will bring my stuff and test my luck. Sounds like we will be there at the same time. I will be there from the 16th to the 23rd or 26th. I'll try to leave some fish for you since you were so kind to give me some free advise.

Marty, I have found many subjects with some input from you and I appreciate them all. This message board has been a great source of information for me.

Take care,

Posted By: sandbar

Re: beach fishing - 01/08/01 10:31 AM

Sorry I forgot about you Ed, thanks also. I will bring along a few Rattletraps.
Posted By: Marty

Re: beach fishing - 01/08/01 04:51 PM

there is also a fly shop at El Pescador Resort....
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: beach fishing - 01/08/01 08:17 PM

Where will you be staying?
I'm going to be there at the same time.
Posted By: sandbar

Re: beach fishing - 01/08/01 09:22 PM


Staying at Banana Beach. With a name like Scubaldy, I presume you will be diving. I too will be diving as well as fishing obviously, any tips on which company to go with or where to go besides what is already on the message boards?

Marty, I'm not much in to fly fishing but I will check out his shop. Think I'll stick with a spinning reel.
Posted By: Ralph

Re: beach fishing - 01/09/01 07:27 AM

OldBlue2...please feel free to elaborate on fishing from "beach". We're staying at Journey end in April. We plan on taking some organized fishing tours..but want to fish a lot by ourselves. It appears we can use canoes or kayaks and paddle out a bit to fish or fish back in the mangroves. I think this is near JER? We plan on taking medium poles with 20 lb. test for reef fishing (bringing a bunch of jigs...1/4 to 1 oz...and an assortment of lures. Also, figured we'd bring lighter equipment for spin fishing..maybe 8 to 10 lb. line...some smaller lures. I'd REALLY, REALLY appreciate as much info. as you feel like writing (you can e-mail me at [email protected])...or my son at [email protected] What's a rattletrap? What size jigs/gubs? What kind or reel, pole, line, etc. Bring 2 types and an assortment..I think we'll be fine..but we keep buying more lures...its a disease. Again, all info. will be greatly appreciated..Also would want to hear about your trip when you get back!! THANKS!
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