Posted By: JB

sewage - 01/09/01 07:21 AM

How do they get rid of their sewage do they pump it into theocean near shore or what. I am worried about the cleanliness of the water.
Posted By: Marty

Re: sewage - 01/09/01 04:38 PM

Drinking water you ask about? they have a water treatment plant for tap water, and lots of good bottled water.
Posted By: OLDBLUE2

Re: sewage - 01/09/01 06:35 PM

Cleanliness of the water, both sea water and drinking water does not seem to be a problem.

The sea water on the east side of the island is certainly clean and clear.

I don't think you want to swim on the lee side of the island for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which is that we saw a crocodile sunning himself in the mud on the side of a pond during our first visit four years ago.

In the past, we could drink tap water with no problems. However, the Belican Beer distributor just south of town will deliver beer and softdrinks by the case and drinking water in a 5 gal plastic jug. Just call them or stop by and order. They will deliver to your hotel or condo. Very reasonably priced. Good luck!
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: sewage - 01/09/01 10:46 PM

San Pedro Town also features a sewerage (sewage?) treatment plant.

Hope this eases your worries.
Posted By: Dallas Dave

Re: sewage - 01/10/01 03:30 AM

WASA is on the south side of town. We live down that way and drink the tap water no problem. Once in town..No way. The old pipes will make you ill if you are a gringo. Anything south of Blake street and you should be fine.
Posted By: midnite lurker

Re: sewage - 01/10/01 03:53 AM

Better go back to Dallas Dave! Youre full of it, again. Theres lots of Gringos drinking the town WASA water and doing fine.
Posted By: Daemyon

Re: sewage - 01/11/01 09:33 PM

Not to be the voice of doom, but Dr. Marioshi did have a study of the waters(both fresh and salt) done about 2 years ago. During his brief tenure working for Green Reef, my ex-roomate David found that there was indeed E-Coli bacteria in the waters off the reef at the south end of the island near the dump...the Green Reef report should be available if you wish to look into it.
Posted By: Debbie

Re: sewage - 01/11/01 09:45 PM

Makes sense if it's near the dump. Heavy rains carry that kind of stuff. How far is the dump from town?
Posted By: Edd

Re: sewage - 01/12/01 05:10 AM

All I can tell you is that I've had the local tapwater from Capricorn to Banyon Bay. No problems so far. As for swimming offshore, unless I was immediately east of the plant, I wouldn't give it a thought. Can we say "a spit in the ocean?"
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: sewage - 01/12/01 03:15 PM

How could the statement "there was indeed E-Coli bacteria in the waters off the reef at the south end of the island near the dump.." possibly be true when the dump is located across the island on the far western shore?

Re: sewage - 01/12/01 04:30 PM


I had the same thought. And as far as the "old" pipes in town, I've never heard that either.
Posted By: LUCKYME

Re: sewage - 01/12/01 07:01 PM

I thought I heard that many or some house and businesses are not on the sewage line system. How do these places get rid of sewage. Does it go into the water on the west side of the island?
Posted By: BelizeWater

Re: sewage - 01/12/01 07:20 PM

The water is fine in AC as long as you get your water from the pipeline. As far as pipeline concerns go, well there were some breaks in the lines due to Keith. The concern is then that there can be sepage into the lines. WASA(who own and operate the distribution system)/Belize Water(produce the RO Water) increased the chlorine level of the water to insure the safety of the water until all breaks have been found and repaired. The water may not taste that great and may smell slightly of chlorine, but it is safe and should, if it hasn't already, return to normal once WASA repairs the pipelines.

As for sewage, WASA operates a waste water treatment plant but I am not sure of the capacity.
Posted By: LUCKYME

Re: sewage - 01/13/01 04:50 AM

Well, if Belize Water doesn't know where the sewage from the non-sewage service locations dump their sewage, does anyone want to say? Its not like its a bad thing, it is after all a small island and things have functioned for many years in a good fashion. Please educate us whoever may know.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: sewage - 01/13/01 05:03 AM

Anyone not on the sewer line has a septic system, consisting of a compartmented septic tank and leach lines. These systems work very well in this island environment with its porous sandy soil.
The WASA sewer system has a modern over-sized treatment plant and several large membrane-lined settling ponds located on the western side, south of town about 2 miles. Some of the biggest, healthiest alligators around here live in those ponds!
Posted By: Daemyon

Re: sewage - 01/13/01 06:52 PM

Can't argue with the alligator statement...they have some whoppers out there. But as for the pollution, my geographical dislexia aside: check the report through Green Reef. It should be public record, if it hasn't been 'lost' yet...
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