Canuck's Bar

Posted By: Kathy in Canada

Canuck's Bar - 01/12/01 06:59 PM

I need the name of the owner of the Canuck's Bar..and his phone number...and email addy if he has one.

Either that or a reference to a nice restaurant with phone number and/or email addy.

It's my parents anniversay and my mother's b-day next month. i would like to arrange a complimentary evening for them.

Posted By: Rita

Re: Canuck's Bar - 01/12/01 08:46 PM

Most wonderful meals we've shared on AC are at Capricorn.
Posted By: Kathy in Canada

Re: Canuck's Bar - 01/12/01 08:57 PM

Do you have a contact number for them? Or email addy?

What is the atmosphere like there?

Thanx for your reply!
Posted By: Big Frank

Re: Canuck's Bar - 01/12/01 09:18 PM

I agree with Capricorn
Ask for owners Clarence & Anabel Burdes
[email protected]
501-21-2091 fax
They'll need a water taxi, which Cap can arrange
Cost less than $200 Bze/$100 US/$3millionCan
Posted By: Marty

Re: Canuck's Bar - 01/13/01 06:17 AM

Capricorn is our anniversary dinner most every year....

glorious delights for the taste buds. truly.
Posted By: MAZZA

Re: Canuck's Bar - 01/15/01 04:33 PM

I definitely agree - Capricorn is somewhere very special - you can eat in or out on the verandha under a million stars, or even down on the sand at little candlelit beach tables for two. Food is superb, service is great and the ambience is something magical! Anabel will make you very welcome and I am drooling at the thought of their chocolate rum cake.........
You take the water taxi, which collects you from your hotel dock. When you arrive at their dock it is all lit up with little lights - it looks unreal
wish I was there right now!
Posted By: Kathy in Canada

Re: Canuck's Bar - 01/15/01 06:40 PM

well I guess the Capricorn it is...

but are you serious about the price of the water taxi???? 'cause you're right..that's about 3 million Canadian!! LOL

Marty if you read this..the Keith video is on brother is busy busy making wedding plans.
Posted By: MAZZA

Re: Canuck's Bar - 01/15/01 08:03 PM

For that price you would expect the water taxi to be the QE2 or some other luxury liner!!!
I think they mean a meal for 2 with wine etc. would be under US$100.........
my meals there were only around US$30-40 but I didn't have wine, only a coupla rum & cokes, and it was just me.
The water taxi is BEL$10 each way (I think! or do I mean US$? I get so confused trying to convert from BEL$ to US$ to British pounds! Anyway, I think it's a flat rate whichever resort they pick you up from, but don't quote me).
Hope they/you enjoy - am positive they/you will!
Posted By: Diveniks

Re: Canuck's Bar - 01/16/01 06:38 AM

Hi Kathy!! Just got back from 3 mos in San Pedro and had dinner with your folks last me at [email protected]

I'll fill you in!!!
Posted By: Kathy in Canada

Re: Canuck's Bar - 01/16/01 09:07 PM

Thanx for your response...sent you an email. Let me know here if you didn't get email has been acting strange lately!

Mazza..thanx for your input!

Marty..sent Capricorn an email..thanx for the link. Looks like a wonderful place!!
Posted By: Diveniks1

Re: Canuck's Bar - 01/17/01 07:55 PM your email, but can't reply...your server can't be located...wanna try again?
Posted By: Kathy in Canada

Re: Canuck's Bar - 01/17/01 09:17 PM

ok...i sent a test email. Will check back here if you are having problems. Might have to set up a hotmail account.
Posted By: Diveniks1

Re: Canuck's Bar - 01/18/01 02:23 AM part of the problem fixed, but now system is saying "comopusmart" invalid...How exactly do you spell your email address? Maybe it is carrying forward a typo??? This is what is coming through to me:
mailto:[email protected]

Is that correct?
Posted By: karin

Re: Canuck's Bar - 01/18/01 02:26 AM

server should probably read :
Posted By: Kathy in Canada

Re: Canuck's Bar - 01/18/01 07:58 PM

got your "test" email...sent you a response

karin is's
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