Cave tubbing?

Posted By: Meryl36

Cave tubbing? - 09/02/14 12:51 AM

You guys have been so helpful before, I'm hoping you can come through for me one more time
While here in AC my hubby & I would like to go cave tubbing but really don't want to combine it with anything else. Does anyone know of a tour operator that can take us cave tubbing without either zip lining or a trip to the zoo or anything?
Thanks everyone
Posted By: Kennis

Re: Cave tubbing? - 09/02/14 01:55 AM

I don't know the answer to your question, but I will say that the Belize Zoo is worth seeing. It isn't like any other zoo you have ever seen- it is truly a labor of love.
Posted By: h20lover

Re: Cave tubbing? - 09/02/14 02:30 PM

We went cave tubing with butts up at We took a flight in to the Municipal Airport and met our friends from the Cruise Ship. You could do other activities, but we just went tubing. It was a fun day.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Cave tubbing? - 09/02/14 02:52 PM

do both zoo and cave-tube. the locations are close together and the cave-tube experience is not an all day thing - once you are over on mainland, make the most of it!
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