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for munichchick..... - 01/15/01 09:04 PM

We live in the Inland Valley, but know all about your lobster!! Great diving off the beach in Laguna. We dive anywhere there is water, but prefer Ambergris to anywhere else in the world. I guess that's why we have a house there. Lookin' forward to comin' home to stay next year!!!
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Re: for munichchick..... - 01/17/01 02:18 AM

Hi Scubahooters! Sounds like you are not to far from us. Would you like to get together for a drink next time you are in Laguna? Would love to hear your Belize story's since we are new to our land ownership there.

Re: for munichchick..... - 01/17/01 04:45 AM

Sounds great. Next time we plan to be in the area I'll let you know we're coming. We will be diving most of the next few weekends offshore and then to Belize in March for a week of GOOD diving. If the schedule changes I'll let you know. You can e-mail us direct at [email protected] if you like.
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