Sea Sick Prevention

Posted By: JohnF

Sea Sick Prevention - 01/19/01 03:35 PM

Am diving with my 14 year old child later this month--he was seasick this summer in some reasonably rough seas even though he took dramamine and ate before we left early in the morning. Want to do an all day dive trip to Lighthouse or Turneffe--any thoughts on prevention of seasickness for kids would be welcomed.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Sea Sick Prevention - 01/19/01 04:06 PM

Some folks take dramamine, i don't like it cause it impairs the brain a tad. others use ginger products.

others just puke when they get out, and it goes away after a couple minutes. not the greatest way, but effective. Once you purge the tummy, it seems to calm down the problem considerably. thats my wifes preferred method.

Re: Sea Sick Prevention - 01/19/01 06:05 PM

I don't have the problem myself, but my wife does. She swears by the TARGET over the counter brand. It also helps to have a little 7UP and soda crackers handy if you purge.
Posted By: Bobber

Re: Sea Sick Prevention - 01/19/01 06:13 PM

My wife takes something called Bonin or Bonine, something like that. Over the counter, and she says it works better than Dramamine
Posted By: kcsikora

Re: Sea Sick Prevention - 01/19/01 07:03 PM

I would definately buy him some ginger candy. We use it often, and think it works pretty well, with no side effects.
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Sea Sick Prevention - 01/19/01 07:41 PM

Absolutely keep ginger snaps and ginger ale on hand!!! Works pretty good. No greasy eggs or bacon for breakfast. Dry toast and fruit only. Our 12 year old gets sea sick as well. We took him sailing and boating down there and he wore a behind the ear patch. Dramamine didn't work to well, and it made him horribly sleepy. The patches work like a charm!!!!! We got them from our doctor for him before we left. I believe they are prescription. You can also wear them in the water for a good length of time. They were a God send for us. Also hit some turbulence on the flight down. He breezed right through it with his patch. [Linked Image]
Check with your doctor. I've noticed many divers with them.
Posted By: JohnF

Re: Sea Sick Prevention - 01/19/01 09:30 PM

Thanks for the suggestions. All appreciated very much.
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