Journeys End/Ramon's Village

Posted By: chilly

Journeys End/Ramon's Village - 01/23/01 11:00 PM

I am planning to go to AC on August for my honeymoon and still don't Know where to stay.
I NEED HELP? Looking for some place with nice accomodations.
Posted By: Big Frank

Re: Journeys End/Ramon's Village - 01/23/01 11:27 PM

You need to start with a glass of wine and an hour to peruse the links to Ambergris caye. What is your budget? For $150 U.S. perday you could get very adequate room & board. Try Caribe Island south of town, Holiday Hotel in town [not the same price range] or Capt Morgans North of town as starting points.
Have you considered 4 or 5 days holed up in Placencia, then tear the roof offa tha sucka in San Pedro?
Your mission... 1-2 glasses of wine and some browisng. Ask hubby what he thinks [what a concept!] really, do you want to lay by the pool all day and have sumptuous meals or go. go, go and party hearty?
Get back to us with some parameters;-}
Check Belize First Magazine, and/or Moon Handbooks guide to Belize
Posted By: chilly

Re: Journeys End/Ramon's Village - 01/23/01 11:42 PM

I have a budget of $200-$225 per night. I have plans to be diving most of the days but at night there better be a party or something. It's my honeymoon so we would like a little bit of everything. (party, romance, diving,etc...) Where can I find that?


Re: Journeys End/Ramon's Village - 01/24/01 01:55 AM

Geez, don't start talkin' big bucks like that.

I just asked the always adorable and informative SWMBO about your request. Even though we have never stayed there, she said instantly Paradise Villas. Great accomodations, nice grounds and pool, close to town, but still fairly private. Diving is right out the front door. For my money I'd send honeymooners to Caribbean Villas. Even better, but no pool.

We'll probably run into you in August, but don't let that effect your plans! Wherever you go, you will have a wonderful time...and have a few dollars left over.

Have a great time. Bombs away.


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Posted By: Karen Pasquariello

Re: Journeys End/Ramon's Village - 01/24/01 04:07 AM

I would recommend comparing Victoria House and Caribbean Villas. Both have a nice romantic ambiance for honeymooners.
Posted By: oceancat

Re: Journeys End/Ramon's Village - 01/24/01 04:22 AM

I vote for Victoria House. The place is beautiful and is not as claustrophobic as Ramones. Renee, the dive instructor at Fantasea (on VH property) was absolutely wonderful. My husband and I had 2 wonderful days diving with him.
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Re: Journeys End/Ramon's Village - 01/25/01 01:22 AM

i stayed at JE last august (2000) and i will tell you teses things:

1 - it is nice, but not U.S. luxury, 3rd world nice

2 - the staff was very friendly

3 - the dive shop is good

4 - there is no night life. you can take a boat to town, but it was very quiet there at night

5 - the mosquitoes were fierce there in august. we used 7 cans of off in 7 days.

6 - if you dont stay there, a day on the beach there is wonderful. the beach was beautiful and included many types of sea birds and a few iguanas. you can take a kayak out to a tie-up bouy and snorkel right off the kayak

7 - we had no hot water and had to shower in a different room, but the plumber was very nice and funny
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