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Customs - 02/02/01 06:00 PM

Can anyone tell me where to find info on what customs will allow me to bring? Thanks Kenison1
Posted By: diverdeb1

Re: Customs - 02/07/01 01:46 AM

Great question. We are having trouble too. I
e-mailed the Belezian Embassy and am waiting for a reply.Will let you know what I find out.Also Lan Sluder sent me a very helpful e-mail on the subject, would be happy to forward it if you like.
Posted By: Dallas Dave

Re: Customs - 02/07/01 02:04 AM

As tourists you can bring anything you would normaly carry for a vacation. Cameras, prescription drugs, snorkle gear ect. You are allowed 1 liter of hard liquor, or a six pack of beer duty free I believe. Any more than that and duty kicks in. I'm not sure but I think you can bring two cartons of US cigarettes, but it could be just one. They aren't going to search a regular tourist anyway if you claim nothing and just go through and have nothing to hide. If you bring gifts, or supplies to residents that's a different story. You must claim what you have and have receipts for it to verify it's value. Duty is low on computer gear, just " Stamp " tax. 7%+8%sales tax. Manufactured goods can be pricy, 30% or more. It is not an exact science down there. Sometimes you do well, other times you get hosed. Food stuffs are duty free as long as they are packaged, and sealed. Spices are ok too as long as they are sealed and unopened. I've seen people bring in US beef. I don't know how they do it. I hear you should be prepared to have a few choice steaks on top to give the officer to " check them out ". Maybe someone else knows the laws better than I and can help you more. Hope this helps a bit.
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Re: Customs - 02/07/01 10:19 PM

We have brought in beef, we have it stamped USDA and sealed, then have a meat permit to bring it in, then there is a 40% tax....

Like folks' say, sometimes you get hosed. paid $150 in tax for an ancient used scanner once, oh well.

but generally we carry in whatever we want, not much hassle at all.
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Re: Customs - 02/07/01 10:28 PM

For info on obtaining a permit to bring in USDA meat, see "Here's the Beef" in General Chat area of this message board.
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