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staying busy - 02/28/15 04:46 AM

My wife and I have been down to visit a couple of times and dream about spending some extended time down there in the future. (Minnesota winters are to damn long) Since I can only spend about 5 days a week sitting pool or ocean side consuming umbrella drinks, I think I would need something else to do to stay out of trouble. What do some of you expats do down there to stay occupied. I know you can not be employed, but can you volunteer?

When we've visited, I've always noticed the school kids running around. Can one volunteer to help out at the schools. My wife is a special ed teacher and some of my best times with my children as they grew up was helping them with homework. Are there opportunities to work with local children to do tutoring?

Just curious to see what some of you who are down there do?

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Re: staying busy - 02/28/15 03:41 PM

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Re: staying busy - 02/28/15 04:59 PM

John - you are right - but lots of people do volunteer stuff. I'm thinking of Holy Cross School and SAGA in particular.

G S Reimer - I don't think you will get any information you can use here on a public message board. I suggest you ask to connect with someone who is actually doing this and communicate privately.
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Re: staying busy - 02/28/15 09:05 PM

When was the last time someone was deported for volunteering their time to a good cause?

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Re: staying busy - 02/28/15 10:48 PM

The question is, would that argument fly with immigration if they decided to implement the law? Because they can.
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Re: staying busy - 02/28/15 11:41 PM

A couple of years ago, maybe 3 they came out to the medical school in San Pedro and arrested 4 or 5 doctors (or other med. types) who were volunteer teachers at the medical school. They brought them all to Belize City. It was in all the papers and I knew someone who had a connection with one of those who were arrested. I think that saga lasted about 3 days and somehow the school got them work permits on the quick and then they were released. It was very embarrassing for the country; those arrested and the school.

It can happen. Most of my work is really volunteering in my profession as an engineer and is one reason I decided not to go QRP, even after I was accepted. I felt that if I had someone fired or looked at them wrong I would be in a bad position. I'm not comfortable operating like that so PR was a better route to go. Also those of you who know me understand how I feel about reporting my financials via by Belize Bank accounts every year. That is almost more than I can bear. Of course I have to bear myself every year in my own country which is almost unbearable for me. I don't mind paying my share of taxes but is it really necessary to climb up my butt for closer examination. smirk

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Re: staying busy - 03/01/15 01:25 AM

I believe it states in the second stamp in your passport you can not work or do volunteer work, so are you letting everybody to break the LAW?
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