Posted By: SimonB

Elections - 03/04/15 04:17 PM

The voting process has been pretty quick this morning. I walked in for the B's and there was no one ahead of me, the P's had very few this morning as well. I'd suggest getting there soon before the afternoon rush. Avoid the roundabout, it was chaos, take the back streets instead and park on Middle instead of the beach.
Posted By: Phil

Re: Elections - 03/04/15 06:01 PM

R. Not a single person. In and out at 9.30am in two minutes. Never had that before.

Forgot to Vaseline tip of right index finger before, so I'll have a purple finger for a week
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Elections - 03/04/15 06:14 PM

It only took us about 4 minutes to vote. The additional voting booths have made a tremendous difference this time. I didn't see any lines in any of the booth areas.

Of course with only about 20% of the voters having cast their votes at this time - it could get busy this afternoon.
Posted By: Inplub

Re: Elections - 03/04/15 06:17 PM

We went about 8/8.30 glad I am J and not a G they had a very long line.
Posted By: elbert

Re: Elections - 03/04/15 07:31 PM

[Linked Image]
Yes the G's had to work a little harder to vote.
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