The Palms

Posted By: Fishermac

The Palms - 02/07/01 12:42 AM

Ill be staying at The Palms when i travel to A.C. in late March. I was wondering if any big changes have occured there since the hurricane? Also curious how Ramones fared through it.
I was there last march and loved it.

Posted By: Beenznrice

Re: The Palms - 02/07/01 05:16 AM

Fishermac, I'm thinking about staying at The Palms this summer when I visit AC. I was wondering what you thought of the place. How are the pool view casitas? They look beautiful in the brochure the hotel sent me but since they don't have a web site, I really don't know much about the place. Any info would be great. Thanks.
Posted By: Fishermac

Re: The Palms - 02/07/01 03:35 PM

When I was at the Palms last year it was excellent. The pool is in the front of the place and not that big. The view from out room was awsome. We stayed the a room right on the beach on the bottom lever. The top rooms proably have a little better view just because they are up high but I would much rather have one right on the beach. The rooms themselves are very nice and have everything you will need wile staying there. I hear they made changes for the better after the hurricane so im excited to see how the place has changes.
Posted By: Kate

Re: The Palms - 02/07/01 07:30 PM

Just got back from AC last week - stayed at the Palms, and have stayed there before and during Keith. They've got a brand-new roof, with every single tile bolted down! THey told us that since they were without a roof for a while they got quite a bit of water damage during rainy season, so most if not all of the units got new sheetrock and fixtures, and some got new furniture, etc. Everything has been cleaned up nicely - our unit was immaculate. They lost quite a bit of vegetation around the pool, but have replanted a lot already and plan for more. The big tree by the stairs has leaves again too - it was bare after Keith but looks like it has recovered.

The only major change is that the palm trees that covered the lot right in front on the street side are all gone, and since The Palms doesn't own the lot, they are putting up a fence so you can't see the street from the pool, or approach the pool area from the street. (Looks like someone is planning something for the lot too, since it's been completely cleared.) They plan to cover the fence with some kind of greenery to create a nice boundary. This will probably be done before you get there. But for now, you have to enter the property through a gate on left, instead of walking through the lot in front.

They have come a long way since Keith. It's amazing what they've done in such a short time. And the view from patio on the beach is as beautiful as it always was.
Posted By: Scott

Re: The Palms - 02/07/01 11:33 PM

Mac... We stayed at The Palms last summer and it was the best place (by far) we saw that was close in to town. The casita is nice but has no ocean view and if the pool is busy people are basically right outside your door. We stayed in a top floor unit (2 bdrms, 1 up and 1 down) and it was perfect. From the previous report, they must have gotten water damage but are obviously re-done by now. We are returning this summer abd can't wait!

Bottom line...I'd go for a unit in the main bldg for the view and privacy.

Posted By: Fishermac

Re: The Palms - 02/08/01 12:24 AM

We will be staying on the botton level on the right. It has a great view. I agree that the palms is one of the nicest places i saw in San Pedro
Posted By: Beenznrice

Re: The Palms - 02/09/01 12:36 AM

Thanks for the info everyone. I can't wait!
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