Orange Juice

Posted By: Tracey

Orange Juice - 02/08/01 05:02 PM

I remember reading about getting some awesome fresh squeezed OJ somewhere in town. Anybody know where? Also was wondering if there is a place to rent a sail boat for a few hours or a day (to sail ourselves). Thanks for your help; this site has been great! I've already taken several suggestions but am a little concerned about staying at the BYC after reading some postings....hope it will turn out fine; we arrive this Tuesday, absolutely can't wait.--Tracey and Jack
Posted By: Suew

Re: Orange Juice - 02/08/01 07:04 PM

There's a place for fresh-squeezed oj at the north end of town; near the circle and food market. There is a little deli where they make tostadas, panades and garnoshes which are great, but behind there is a house where you can knock on the door and ask for oj. It's marvelous!
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Orange Juice - 02/08/01 08:27 PM

We got fresh squeezed OJ at one of the little fruit stands on the side of the street (down by the blue bakery - the guy down there does magic tricks for the kids too!!)and they also had it at the small grocery store down near Paradise Villas. It was SOOOOOOO Goood! If you have a kitchen, try the little local made sausages too. Good with eggs in the morning.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Orange Juice - 02/08/01 08:55 PM

Its the fellow SueW mentioned, up north, across the street from San pedro Supermarket.

get several gallons at once, save trips. I never tasted anything like it..
Posted By: Jericco

Re: Orange Juice - 02/09/01 09:21 PM

We had this amborsia last year and it is to die for. While I never saw the actual preparation, Blood Oranges have to be the secret. I had something similar in Venice, Italy and that was their secret.
Posted By: Barefoot Skinny

Re: Orange Juice - 02/10/01 01:10 PM

Actually, there are 2 kinds of orange produced here. (Both are green). Go figure, 'cause some limes are orange. It's the sour orange that makes the brew so tasty! Equal parts of sweet and sour oranges works best. Just try the stuff at the little food stand across from Tropic Air at municipal Airport! OUTSTANDING!
ps. All oranges that are mass produced are grown on lemon root stock. So why can't we get any lemons? No lemon trees. tee hee
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