Posted By: Mr B

Mosquitoes - 02/09/01 05:47 AM

Keep seeing posts about mosquitoes. Just curious. What months are they at there worst?? Going to A/C in early June.
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Mosquitoes - 02/09/01 12:59 PM

Personally, I think July/August are the worst. Early June should be reasonably ok...
Posted By: Barefoot Skinny

Re: Mosquitoes - 02/10/01 01:12 PM

Bring lots o lizards and dragon flys.
Posted By: Mr B

Re: Mosquitoes - 02/11/01 07:58 PM

Thanks for the info... Looks like I will need to stock up on reptiles and insect repellant. Will be staying at Ramons. Hope the little devils arn't too bad..
Posted By: Jen O

Re: Mosquitoes - 02/12/01 07:23 AM

Hey Mr B
I just got back from A.C. everyone said the bugs were awful but I did not use bug spray at all, even on the jungle cruises and the ruin tours where they would be the worst. I didnt have any problems at all.
I dont understand why the time of year would matter when they say the weather is the same throughout the entire year. I know they are worse when it is humid, and believe me it was very humid, and I was fine.
Have you been to Ramons? I personally did not stay there. But I went to dinner there, it is a really great place!! Enjoy!!!
Posted By: holidaybound

Re: Mosquitoes - 02/12/01 10:28 PM

agreed. was there 10 days and am normally a magnet for insects. steady wind kept them at bay... enjoy.
Posted By: Mr B

Re: Mosquitoes - 02/13/01 05:15 AM

Hope my experience with the weather and skeeters is as good as yours...Jen O and holidaybound. Was just a little more concerned since I'm traveling in June which is the beginning of the rainy season and often coincides with a few more mosquitos... Maybe it won't be too bad since it isn't too far into the summer. Jen O...How was Ramons??? Said you had dinner there. What was your impression??
Posted By: Jen O

Re: Mosquitoes - 02/13/01 05:57 AM

Hey again Mr B!

We visited Ramons last Tuesday for breakfast and dinner. Both were very good! The service was a perfect 10, they did everything to acommodate us in every way and we were not hotel guests there. For dinner I had the Surf n' Turf, which is steak and lobster. It was only $20 US.
The atmosphere was very tropical with hammocks on the beach, cute little huts, a beautiful swimming pool with very nice landscaping. I went with my cousin and we both agreed we wanted to stay there next time!!
As far as the mosquitos, it pretty much rained every day that we were there. Not longer than a hour a day and that really did not effect the bugs. Monday when it rained I was at the Lamiani Ruins in the bugs. Wednesday when it rained I was at the Belize Zoo. Some bugs there, but nothing major. Trust me, if there were I would be bitchn' like crazy.
Any more questions I would be happy to answer! I miss it already....
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Mosquitoes - 02/13/01 05:03 PM

Mr. B,
We went to Belize (the jungle AND Ambergris) last June. The first week. There were no bugs at all. No skeeters, no no-see-ums, nothing. We came heavily armored with deet etc. but never used it. Not even in the jungle. It was most pleasant. We are arriving June 9th this year and I expect it to be about the same.
Posted By: Beenznrice

Re: Mosquitoes - 02/15/01 09:39 PM

What about the first or second week in July? Am I going to come back covered in bites?
Posted By: Art from Louisiana

Re: Mosquitoes - 02/28/01 06:54 PM

We went July 9-16, 2000, only had skeeters on two nights when the wind quit and it got still at night. They were pretty bad.(I'm from Louisiana, and I've seen worse), but they were gone the next day. Hey, but the light winds really helped the tarpon fishing. There's good in everything.
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Mosquitoes - 02/28/01 07:10 PM

This is one subject that is probably most discussed here. [Linked Image]

Planning is everything! Anytime you go somewhere some point....bugs will be an issue.

I say....3 things that are a must to have on hand in Belize. Sunscreen, Bug repellent and flashlight.

As long as you do should be ok.

Just go prepared and don't worry about the bugs.....worry about having fun! [Linked Image]

Oh yea....I almost forgot....if you're one of these people that still gets bitten even with steel armour on....then pack some Calamine lotion and some Benadryl cream or hydrocortisone cream. At least then you'll be comfortable.
Posted By: munichchick

Re: Mosquitoes - 02/28/01 09:37 PM

We where on Ambergris Caye the first week of September last year which is peak Skeeter season and the strange thing was the first several nights there where no Mosquitos and than one night there where lots of them in the evening. Even so it was windy they where on attack mode. But after putting on some 100% DEET they stayed away. I guess it can change by the day.
Posted By: Gela

Re: Mosquitoes - 02/28/01 09:41 PM

Another trick I learned if those buggers do get you is to use a little Tiger Balm on the bite. It takes the sting and itch out well. I used it while in Africa for both bug bites and its intended use - sore muscles.

Re: Mosquitoes - 02/28/01 09:42 PM

Take two tablets Vitamin B Complex per day for a week before you go. I was as leery as anybody, but I had heard it from too many trusted sources. Tried works. Even one of the MD's in AC gave them to our son when the sand flies grabbed him at Christmas. In SP it is possible to get the vitamin B in an injection form, package of 6 or so.
Posted By: kcsikora

Re: Mosquitoes - 03/01/01 08:49 AM

We just returned (Feb 22) and saw lots of mosquitoes. Our son was bitten the most (tender young thing), and we were spotted somewhat. Do bring your bug spray. We bought some coils to burn at night, but it didn't seem to help.
Luckily, we didn't find the bites to itch or sting.
We forgot to bring the spray when we went to the far South end of the island during the DAY, and there were a number of curious biting flies (the dumpis at that end). So, bring your lotions with you, or just use a sun screen with repellent in it (there's one made for kids, so it should be pretty safe).
The winds didn't seem to matter.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Mosquitoes - 03/01/01 05:32 PM

Truly amazing, I left on Feb. 22 also, and had been there for 2 weeks, and did not get one bite from any kind of bug or mosquito.
Never used any spray. I traveled up to Basil Jones Resort about 12 1/2 miles north, by boat, and walked the beach for about one hour.
Then to Captain Morgan's by golf cart, and all the way south beyond the resorts on a cart. Also toured the backside on golf cart back to Bill's place Punta Laguna.
NOT ONE BITE, and NO SPRAY. Came home to S. Texas and guess what alot of mosquitoes here now.
Posted By: munichchick

Re: Mosquitoes - 03/01/01 07:38 PM

Chloe! How did you like the Basil Jones area?
We will be staying in our new Tiki Villa soon and would love to get any info. How is the Beach there? Is the ocean the same as at Captain Morgan's or better? Is the water clear and turqoise when you walk in or lots of seagrass? Lots of tall Palm Trees? How long was the boat ride to Basil Jones? You can email me privatly if you like at [email protected]
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Mosquitoes - 03/01/01 08:46 PM

Basil Jones Resort, is on a beautiful stretch of beach, and the Tiki Huts sit up high, and are staggered to capture the best views, and the reef is so close in at that point north, one could easily kayak out to snorkel on their own, with no boat traffic up there, except a boats coming to Basil.
The water is beautiful, with some seagrass of course, but they will remove that when the resort is open. Hearing the sounds from the reef is great too. I was impressed with the strong type of construction being done. The Tiki Huts are designed for comfort, and beauty, with foldback doors to really enjoy the view and breezes. I was told one could walk north up to Robles, and actually wade in to snorkel, many coral heads near shore in shallow water. Yes lots of really tall palm trees. Many beautiful conch shells on the beach too.
Our boat was small and fully loaded, it took us about 30 minutes tops.
Posted By: munichchick

Re: Mosquitoes - 03/01/01 11:11 PM

Thank you so much for the detailed info Chloe! I knew it would be beautiful there from the Basil Jones Website and talking to Shakergirl and Adam but it is always nice to get more info. We are so excited about staying there and meeting everyone on that beautiful Island. Can't wait to snorkel in the areas you described.
Posted By: jlslks

Re: Mosquitoes - 03/02/01 12:38 AM

Has anyone ever tried those electronic mosquito repellers????? they are about 3 inches long & a little bigger around than the AA battery they run on. They clip on your belt or pocket. they are made by Coleman(big camping people)... Just wondering.......
Posted By: Mary and Scott

Re: Mosquitoes - 03/02/01 04:16 AM

We agree with munichchick- were there last September-it rained almost every night(but never during the day).Skeeters (or something)were biting only at night, but were worse when it was still and no breeze. We found these great moist towelettes at a local drug store that had bug repellent in them. Rubbed them on our arms and legs before we sat outside, and we were fine.The ones that did get us (mostly on our ankles/legs) did itch like a sun of a gun, however. As most have already said, take benadryl cream,cortizone cream, and my favorite and best remedy for bug bites- rhuligel- expensive, but worth it. In the scheme of things,it was nothing compared to the great time we had! I had the worst bug bites ever in Punta Cana,Domincan Republic when we were there this past January.
Posted By: Lauren

Re: Mosquitoes - 03/03/01 03:28 AM

I am a mosquito magnet and I fear that I might get bitten all week when we are there (we are going March 16-23). How is the mosquito level @ our time on AC?!
Posted By: Belize Kid

Re: Mosquitoes - 03/05/01 07:03 AM

Mr. B,
I have stayed at Ramons 6 times now, the mosquitoes are not bad around Ramons. They are worse on the lagoon side, and on the mainland.
Posted By: Mr B

Re: Mosquitoes - 03/06/01 05:18 AM

Belize Kid. You said you have stayed at Ramons 6 times. When was the last time? Please give me an overview of your impressions. Beach, pool, rooms, bar etc...Have a seaside upper level cabana reserved. Breakfast is included in the price...
Posted By: PondHead

Re: Mosquitoes - 03/10/01 08:27 AM

I returned from San Pedro Feb. 20 after ten fine days and did not suffer from not using bug repellent except for the very last day. My friend and I took a golf cart South of town to see what there is to see. We were way South and sundown was approaching. The mosquitoes begain an attack that could not be endured for long. The lack of a good place to turn around and the need to know the reason for the small fires ahead drove us further South. We rounded some vegetation to find further progess South blocked by a house construction site. We just had time to take this in and to observe a shack occupied by several people. This guy comes running out and (unnecessarily)informs us that this area is thick with mosquitoes. In his hand is a bottle of mosquitoe repellent that he immediately offers. At that time and that place there was nothing that could be more welcome than that bottle. I always think of this little episode as typical of my encounters with the good people of Ambergris Caye.
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