Crazy canucks

Posted By: mawags

Crazy canucks - 04/11/15 10:51 AM

heard the land that Canucks is on was sold to Marriot, does anyone know if this is true or just a rumor?
Posted By: Hon

Re: Crazy canucks - 04/11/15 04:33 PM

Crazy Canucks is on the Exotic Caye property and it and the lot next door to the north have been sold. To the Marriott? I don't know but I have a feeling not as I have seen several fairly large groups of, what appear to be, high end vacationers being trotted around by a people with drawings and blue prints. From that scenario, I'd guess it's another condo development along the lines of Diamonte.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Crazy canucks - 04/11/15 06:01 PM

Unless things have's owned by ECI Developments -
Posted By: Inplub

Re: Crazy canucks - 04/11/15 11:38 PM

Simon is 100% correct, known this for years.
Posted By: Hon

Re: Crazy canucks - 04/12/15 12:55 PM

I checked my source and sure enough, the sale information is merely rumour...and I am guilty of spreading it too. I hate that and I apologize frown I will stand by the development prediction as I have seen the tours being conducted with my own eyes.
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