Posted By: cindyrae moving pets from usa to belize - 02/15/01 06:53 PM
I'm also interested in this info. Do documents supporting current vaccinations need to be furnished to the Belize gov't when moving pets to the country? are Belizean vaccinations for small domestic animals the same as in the US? Are there any endemic diseases that would demand pre-inoculation prior to a move? Is there a site where this info is available?
Posted By: bondshasha Re: moving pets from usa to belize - 02/15/01 07:15 PM
ciny, i've just been through all that. Here's the # for the Belize Central Lab. 011-501-24-5230 attn: melissa. to apply for an import permit. Yes the vac. are the same. you will need to fax them;
1. importer and exporters name and adress
2. animal type, name ,age, sex, and breed
3. Purpose, permanient, temporary
4. finaily, zoo, house pet
5. country of origin
6. port of entry
7. by whom the request is made, signature, address, # to fax your permit to.

Then they'll fax you the import permit and the vat requirments. Hope this helps you. It took a couple of days for mine.
Posted By: bondshasha Re: moving pets from usa to belize - 02/15/01 07:18 PM
ps.. here's the number i use to get .52 a min
10-10-629 dail this before the number i gave you. it will ask for a one time code to set up enter 206117. It will not change your regular long distance carrier but you get a great rate.
Posted By: Sandshaker Re: moving pets from usa to belize - 02/15/01 08:54 PM
Unless things have changed since Nov. of 1999, you don't have to have any special documents for domestic dogs and cats other than current complete vaccination records from a veteranarian and stamped by the USDA.

I took both my cats to the their vaccines.....the vet filled out a form for both cats.....and then I sent it to the nearest USDA for a stamp including a $16 US fee. The vet can provide you a contact address and telephone# for the USDA office nearest you.
The vaccines need to be given within 6 months of your entering Belize.

I drove here from the states and the Mexican officials barely noticed I had 2 cats in a carrier.....let alone checking for documents.

At the border of Belize and Chetumal, They did check the documents....I paid a small fee and they stamped the document....but they never asked to see the cats. Go figure!

I don't know if the procedure is the same if your coming by air. I only know my own personal experience.

The procedure is very different for farm animals and horses.

Hope this helps [Linked Image]
Posted By: cindyrae Re: moving pets from usa to belize - 02/15/01 09:53 PM
SS-this helps tremendously! We'll be driving also & want to keep stressors to a minimum, if possible.
Thanks so much for putting my mind at ease!
Posted By: Marty Re: moving pets from usa to belize - 02/16/01 12:55 AM
Thanks bondshasha and Sandshaker, I have added your experiences to the help page under bringing animals...
Posted By: govikes Re: moving pets from usa to belize - 02/16/01 07:55 PM
I see cats and dogs mentioned, but what about birds? More specifically a sun conure? (this is a small parrot). Thanks!
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