Posted By: Ralph

FOR LIVE2FISH - 02/19/01 08:19 AM

We booked JER in November and are traveling April 13. I appreciated your honest comments. Although negative, it appear that things were improving. Just a few questions based on your eye witness account. You mentioned that things were getting better by the time you left. Would you agree that by mid-April they would be 100%? I would think so. Also, how did the place look, asthetically speaking (i.e. flaura, etc.)? We're staying in one of the garden/pool view cabanas? How was the restaurant and food in general..allowing for the shortage issue.
How many canoes, kayaks, etc. did they have? I heard they were getting more. Lastly, on the tour issue. I heard from several sources that the tours from JER were MUCH more than you could get on your own. Did the tours you selected pick you up at JER? who did you use? We're looking to go to Lamani, deep sea, reef and of course, hol chan/shark ray alley. There will be 3 of us (11 year old son).. THANKS!
Posted By: Karen Pasquariello

Re: FOR LIVE2FISH - 02/20/01 04:56 AM

I use to work at Journey's End as assistant manager and have been suprised by the comments on how much more the tours are there compared to other places. It didn't use to be that way. I think most boats would pick you up at the Journey's End pier. For Lamanai, I highly recommend Willie Leslie, his email is [email protected]
For Deep sea fishing, use to be that only Tom would do that, he has a nice boat for going out into the deep. There may be more that do deep sea fishing now. Tom use to dock his boat at the Journey's End pier. His email is [email protected] Please give him my hello. In regard to snorkeling locally, I would use Steve who has the dive shop at Journey's End. He is a very nice guy and accomodating. Tell him Karen said hi.
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Re: FOR LIVE2FISH - 02/20/01 10:00 PM

To the reply on JE and condition it will be in. I am arriving JE on Feb 22 for 8nts stay and will let you know how everything was when I get back.
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Re: FOR LIVE2FISH - 02/21/01 04:45 AM

ralph, i never did go on any of the tours, outside of quick snorkel trips, but i had priced them out last august. JE seemed the same as anyone else i looked into, at least back then. i agree with karen, steve at the JE dive shop is good. we only used his shop this trip.
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Re: FOR LIVE2FISH - 02/21/01 10:07 AM

I think you all need to visit, and get with the times. Things have changed a great deal. The prices at JER are still the same as anyone, but, Capt. Tom doesn't sail the Sea Boots anymore. However, the Sea Boots is still available for deep sea fishing with it's new owner and crew. It sounds like you've done some real home work! (original thread) Keep it up, and you'll be doin' it right!
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Re: FOR LIVE2FISH - 02/21/01 02:05 PM

Sorry but I kind of beg to differ.... the prices for various activities are much higher than other places. Fishing is $240, which is much higher than other places. Air transfer from Belize City is $100/$110 round trip. Etc.
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Re: FOR LIVE2FISH - 02/21/01 10:59 PM

denny, i know you would know, but...last august i paid $80 rt from b city, i think the rest covered transfers by boat etc. i didn't price out fishing.
Posted By: Ralph

Re: FOR LIVE2FISH - 02/22/01 05:59 AM

Actually, fishing (reef) through JER is $280 (I received a brochure). That's all day for up to 4 people. Lamani is $150 per person.
Every site (tours listed on Ambergris is $125. All day Caye Caulker is $55 per person. That's close to most others I've seen. I guess it depends on whats included. I have no problem going through JER..just shopping to see what's out there..I understand the who part is is availability. I'm trying to get a price on a day of deep sea fishing. Sea Boots' web site indicates $125 per person (assuming the boat is full with 8 people). That looks pretty good. Still checking....waiting for replies to my e-mails. Thanks everyone for all the info.
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