July or August

Posted By: jlslks

July or August - 02/21/01 05:04 AM

If the choice was yours??? When would you go7-1 or 8-4?????? Thanks.......
Posted By: Cinca

Re: July or August - 02/21/01 09:59 AM

I've been there both months and had an excellent time! Weather was absolutely beautiful!
Posted By: Wendy

Re: July or August - 02/21/01 10:08 AM

I found August to be very hot! The locals did too. You can be sure you will be warm.
Cinca, you are in Nanaimo? I'm in Shawnigan Lake....What is your e-mail address?
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: July or August - 02/21/01 02:12 PM

Personally I would rather go in July... August really seems to be hot and muggy.
Posted By: Rubba

Re: July or August - 02/21/01 06:31 PM

Chalk up my vote for July.
Posted By: Sunkissed

Re: July or August - 02/21/01 11:49 PM

I'm going for my first visit next week. But after reading this board for months I've seen mention about some bothersom flying critters in August. Just ask JaneinPA about'em.
Posted By: jlslks

Re: July or August - 02/22/01 09:44 PM

Thanks !!!!! you've convinced me, see you the first week in July......A special THANKS to Karen ,who went out off her way to help,And Rick & Cheri also... Thanks again
Posted By: Karen Pasquariello

Re: July or August - 02/23/01 12:02 AM

Hey John,
Thanks for the kind words. My pleasure to help and I hope you have a wonderful time. Can't wait to hear about it when you get back.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: July or August - 02/24/01 05:44 AM

YES THE MOSQUITOES ARE FIERCE IN AUGUST!!! i was there last august and it was wonderful except we were eaten alive every single second!! either trip, take lots of off with you. you can buy it there but it is very expensive. dont forget your benedryl cream either. HEED MY WORDS. although it is hot, bring lotsa sunscreen, and the rest of the trip will be great.
Posted By: Cinca

Re: July or August - 02/25/01 06:30 AM

Wendy, small world! My email is: [email protected] I really enjoy the heat, and after a couple of days acclimatizing I'm fine! I wasn't bothered too much by bugs of any kind. I'm hoping to be down around the end of July, beginning of August on a solo trip.
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