Thank You

Posted By: Joe Jr

Thank You - 02/22/01 02:41 AM

Thank you very much for your help! Now I know that Scuba-Diving and a trip to the zoo will be on the itinerary for our visit. Sorry if I am being a nuissance but I was also wondering about the temperatures down in Belize. Does it ever get below 60 degrees in march?

Thank You.
-Joseph Jr
Posted By: Ralph

Re: Thank You - 02/22/01 06:08 AM

Based on my research (LOL)...actually reading everying on this board and all of the info in Ambergris March its about an average of 80s in the a low of 70s... (I think)...I don't think it gets into the low 60s (except for maybe now, Jan, Feb)...
Posted By: Marty

Re: Thank You - 02/23/01 07:16 AM

no to the 60's..... maybe with a strong breeze way late at night on an odd chance. but generally speaking nay.
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