Posted By: ScubaLdy

INJURED DOG - 06/08/15 09:29 PM

Help me find my injured dog; TONTO

Early this afternoon he was hit by the guy who drives the red motorcycle through this area at very high speeds.
The skid marks are long and he laid the bike down right in front of my exit gate. Tonto yelped and ran to the beach.

He was last seen running (very fast) past Grand Caribe.

Many of us have scoured the area and not been able to find him. I'm sure he must be holed up somewhere. He has a name tag but unfortunately it has my old telephone number. If you see him please call me. 622-9808
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2-9808[Linked Image]
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: INJURED DOG - 06/08/15 09:52 PM

What a beautiful dog. Have sent your notice to the folks in Middle Island Neighbors group .... the area north of Journey's End.
Probably he is south of us but we will definitely watch.. Hopefully he will come home to mama.
I already love this guy..... what sweet photos.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: INJURED DOG - 06/08/15 10:32 PM

Tonto came home about 10 minutes ago. Nose is rubbed raw (now pink skin) but no other obvious injuries. He had his tail between his legs as he crept up the back stairs. No Alpo left so gave him a can on tuna. He's holed up in a corner licking himself.
Thanks to anyone who spent a few minutes caring.
Diane - he is a wonderful dog. He loves people and other animals and they seem to return the favor.
Posted By: Heidi A

Re: INJURED DOG - 07/09/15 01:32 AM

Thank goodness he is home!
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: INJURED DOG - 07/09/15 09:48 PM

No, my friends - he was not injured a 2nd time and his nose is almost healed. He has become a better dog but now is afraid of thunder and sits under my chair.
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