Posted By: filmmaker ben

Bees! - 07/04/15 07:44 PM

Anyone want a bee hive and a bunch of bees? There's a hive in a tree on my property which I need removed, and it's yours if you want it!

(I have no idea how one moves a bee hive.)
Posted By: hazzyy

Re: Bees! - 07/04/15 08:07 PM

Killer bees! Careful.

We had a hive once. They killed a dog. There is a guy you can call that will remove them safely. Shame some just spray the hive with chemicals. I'm sure someone here has the number.
Posted By: filmmaker ben

Re: Bees! - 07/04/15 08:10 PM

If anyone could share his number, that'd be great. Thank you!
Posted By: elbert

Re: Bees! - 07/04/15 09:24 PM

Be careful and don't use any WD-40 around your house. They attack at the smell of it. I'm serious , they get a whiff from 100 feet and come hunting for you.
Posted By: filmmaker ben

Re: Bees! - 07/04/15 09:55 PM

They attacked us yesterday while we were doing some work on the property. It was unpleasant.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Bees! - 07/04/15 10:24 PM

I know there is someone on the island that moves them. Just be patient don't let anyone talk you into killing them or smoking them out. We need all the bees we can get.
Posted By: BZ4me

Re: Bees! - 07/05/15 06:43 AM

I had no idea. Thanks for the info.
Posted By: Tracker

Re: Bees! - 07/05/15 12:50 PM

Call Sam on 627 9412 he will move them.
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