too windy to snorkel??????

Posted By: merrymex

too windy to snorkel?????? - 02/27/01 04:01 PM

Hi everyone
we are off on saturday (3rd) for 2 weeks to AC and have just discovered this site(great too) I have been reading about strong winds making it difficult to snorkel,is this the norm for this time of year,and due to the fact i booked this at the very last minute and could only get into the sunset beach(last resort south) i'm wodering if anyone has been to the hotel or knows anything about it,first timer nothing will spoil this trip,3 days to go yipeeeeeeeeeeee
love merrymex
Posted By: TC

Re: too windy to snorkel?????? - 02/27/01 07:53 PM

Bet there will not be too many days that you will not be able to snorkel. If your trip is canceled they will go the next day. No Problem.
We stay next door at Caribe Island and have been in the condos at Sunset. They are great and the resort has a great pool. Plus you can use the bar/restaurant.
Have a great time.
Posted By: Escaping the Cold

Re: too windy to snorkel?????? - 02/27/01 11:24 PM

We just came back on Friday and did experience some of the wind you've heard about. It wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be. On the really hot, sunny days you'll appreciate the breeze! As far as snorkeling goes, we did postphone our trip one day (since we had a whole week of chances ahead of us). We did go on a kind of breezy day to Hol Chan & Shark Ray Alley -- the visibility was perfect, no problems with currents or views. One recommendation is don't wait till the end of your trip to go on a snorkeling excursion. It was so amazing, but we waited till the end. If I would have known how much fun we'd have we would have gone two-to-three more times!
Posted By: Sunkissed

Re: too windy to snorkel?????? - 02/28/01 01:43 AM

Hey merrymex, I'm right there with you in the yipeeeeeeee department. I only have one more day to wait. I wish I could get more excited but I'm trying to get all loose ends here at work tied up before I leave. I told my boss he was interfering with my pre-trip excitement. So I have to sneak on the board here and there this afternoon to get my anticipation going. Have a great trip!!!
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