5 Story Buildings on Ambergris Caye

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5 Story Buildings on Ambergris Caye - 09/08/15 03:41 PM

Ambergris Caye, Belize is well known for its virgin lands and beaches that have existed through time unaltered and untouched by man. This is something that has captivated the hearts of the tourists and travelers to buy an Ambergris Caye real estate residential property and stay behind to live a tranquil, calm and peaceful life.

It has been decades when developers in Ambergris Caye have been finally allowed to build taller buildings reaching up to 5 storeys; this is most probably due to the increasing cost of real estate properties in the place. It has been quite a journey with all the twists and turns before the Belize Government finally approved of this through Belize’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. Basically, they have allowed building to be built as tall as 5 storeys to be able to maximize the use of the land, but provided that it provides great landscaping.

Constructing these buildings is not as easy as people may think because developers would have to seek the approval of the Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA). All developers should undergo this process to ensure that the location where the building will be built is safe and can sustain the additional weight because of the additional floors.

But, there is one issue that needs to be settled; most developers make use of the entire land not leaving any space for any landscaping project. This problem may be attributed to the constantly increasing cost of the properties in Ambergris Caye. But, the downfall to this is that the place is promoting its natural habitat and greenery, how would they encourage tourists if eventually the place would look like any other beach resorts with high-rise buildings on the beachfront? Remember that the virgin beaches and all the natural resources present in the island is what attracts travelers and tourists the most and when this is lost because of the massive construction of buildings in the place, there would potentially be a decrease in visitors coming to the place.

As a resolution to this dilemma, the Belize Government only allows 5-storey buildings in San Pedro Town, particularly on the far south and north. Construction rules especially those tall buildings have been regulated by the government and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and approval will depend on the land type and the type of buildings to be constructed in the area. They are now very strict about inspecting if the land has sturdy bedrocks to support the entire building especially when there are already occupants living in the buildings.

The construction of 5-storey buildings in Ambergris Caye could be one of the most challenging plans to promote tourism and the real estate market in the place, but developers have to ensure that all construction rules are followed to preserve the natural beauty of the place and ensure the safety of real property investors planning to reside in this paradise.

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Re: 5 Story Buildings on Ambergris Caye - 09/09/15 04:13 PM

One problem I see is the lack of elevators and in particular elevator service companies. Who wants to climb 5 flights of stairs?
Posted By: Katie Valk

Re: 5 Story Buildings on Ambergris Caye - 09/09/15 09:56 PM

Michael Kelly imports and services elevators and is based in Belize City.
Posted By: ragman

Re: 5 Story Buildings on Ambergris Caye - 09/10/15 01:09 PM

Plus, I know of several elevators on the Island in service with no problems that I'm aware of. Plus the ones I'm most familiar with get serviced and have service contracts. One resort has 3 of them and another under construction.

Lack of elevators is not a problem to building up and the market will determine that quickly. If a builder decides not to install an elevator, well he still has to sell the units.
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