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worship - 03/05/01 02:40 AM

might anyone have info on Christian worship services on Sundays? We'll be on AC 3-13 thru 3-27. thanks
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Re: worship - 03/05/01 05:32 PM

The Catholic church is the center geographically and spiritually of AC. Services are Sat. Evening and Sunday--not sure of the times. It was cool on New Year's Eve past, when a 11:40, the bands at Fido's and Teh Lion's Club announced they would take a short break as to not interfere witht he Church's midnight mass. Felt like keeping priorities straight.

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There are two Masses on Sunday if memory serves me. One in English at 10 am or 11 and one earlier in Spanish. We were just there at Christmas and for some reason I cannot recall the details. (Y'all, be quiet!) There are also some other VERY small denominations represented on the caye.

There is just something great about a barefoot priest, with the walls open to the sea, and a nice fat San Pedro "brown dog" snoozing in front of the altar during the services.

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Re: worship - 03/05/01 07:02 PM

there are hours and services of some churches listed at: //
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