Lost drivers license?

Posted By: keldan

Lost drivers license? - 11/27/15 12:29 PM

I lost my drivers license somewhere the other day and have a feeling it fell out of my pocket while riding my bike around town. If someone did find a drivers license around town and wanted to turn it in, where would they go? Is there anywhere I can look? Unfortunately, California requires you to physically go to the office to replace a license and I won't be going back to California for many months. Thanks!!
Posted By: Marius

Re: Lost drivers license? - 11/28/15 11:13 PM

There is a sign in the window at super buy south about a drivers license found. Hope it's yours!
Posted By: keldan

Re: Lost drivers license? - 12/02/15 10:46 PM

It was mine!! Thank you so much! smile smile
Posted By: Shyboy

Re: Lost drivers license? - 12/03/15 12:10 AM

Now that is great... The MAGIC of the Forum.
Posted By: Welland

Re: Lost drivers license? - 12/03/15 01:42 AM

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