Fire Destroys 2-Storey Structure

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Fire Destroys 2-Storey Structure - 12/05/15 11:20 AM

Just after two o’clock this afternoon there was a fire on Ambergris Caye in which an abandoned building near the beach became engulfed in flames. The San Pedro Fire Department was notified and responded immediately to the scene, right next to the Crazy Canucks Sports Bar near Coconut Drive. The two-storey structure that was destroyed by fire belonged to Exotic Caye Beach Resort with the upper flat made of wood. All items stored inside including furniture were completely destroyed. Police on the island are investigation along with the Fire Department as reports are that the building had no currant and they are therefore looking into the cause of the fire and if it may had been arson.

Posted By: Marty

Re: Fire Destroys 2-Storey Structure - 12/05/15 11:25 AM

Fire Destroys Abandoned Building Next to San Pedro Resort
The San Pedro Fire Department responded to a fire report on Friday, December 4, 2015, at about 2:00p.m. just south of downtown San Pedro where they encountered an abandoned building on fire. The wooden second floor of the building was completely destroyed by the blaze. The fire threatened the adjacent Exotic Caye Beach Resort and Crazy Canucks bar, but fire officials were quick to out the blaze before any nearby structures were in any danger. Destroyed along with second floor of the building were furniture and other stored items of the vacant building. Fire officials are investigating the cause of the fire as the building did not have a supply of electricity.

Abandoned house destroyed by fire in San Pedro
The San Pedro Fire Department (SPFD) and the Police Department are investigating a fire that occurred on Friday afternoon shortly after 2PM. The SPFD was notified about a fire taking place at an abandoned building on the beach adjacent to Crazy Canucks beach sports bar by Coconut Drive. When they arrived at the scene, they observed a two story building belonging to Exotic Caye Beach Resort, engulfed in flames. The quick response by the SPFD put the fire under control and stopped it from spreading to the nearby buildings. The building did not have electricity, which raises suspicions as to what caused the fire in the first place.

Second Fire of 2015 on Exotic Caye Resort Property
Earlier this year, the southern portion of Exotic Caye Resort started fire in the laundry room and spread to a number of rooms in the early morning hours. (See story from February 2015.) Thankfully no one was hurt. At about 2pm today, the property recently acquired by the company and expanded by a sizeable sea wall – also caught fire. And the partially wooden house quickly went up in flames. Here is a photo of the house in September. I arrived just as the fire trucks did. The San Pedro Fire Department quickly went to work… And the fire was quickly put out. THANK GOODNESS. Thank goodness also for the good-sized space between this home and the bar, Crazy Canuck’s and the restaurant above it. Staff was preparing to wet the buildings- but the fire was put out quickly. As I walked home, I spotted the burned buildings from February’s fire.

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