Help us choose!

Posted By: Mary and Scott

Help us choose! - 03/15/01 04:17 AM

Need your input! Stayed at Seven Seas last September, but want to stay South of town, in an oceanfront room, with kitchen facilities(microwave,stove,fridge),a pool (hopefully oceanfront with a good breeze), and fully air-conditioned(not just the bedroom).We will be renting a golf cart for the week as Scott just had a hip replacement 2 weeks ago and won't be up to long walks, so distance is not that big of a problem. Would like a restaurant and bar on the premises if possible, but will eat in town a lot. Choices so far...Playador, Paradise Villas and Sunset Beach.Our initial e-mail sent to Playador was returned and we tried again and so far it has not come back. Any feedback is very welcome! You guys on the board are the best information source ever and we welcom your responses! Any other suggestions are very welcome. Thanks as always, and we are also counting the many days until we get back to AC!
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Re: Help us choose! - 03/15/01 05:33 PM

Check out Banana Beach at The units are fully air conditioned, furnished, equipped with nice kitchens, beachfront avail and they have a nice big pool. No on-site restaurant, but right next door at Tropica is a decent one for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or drinks!

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Re: Help us choose! - 03/15/01 06:34 PM

That or Banyan Bay a few doors north of Banana would fit the bill Banyan Bay will be more $$ but has in my opinion a little more attractive layout. Either one would be great.
Posted By: BC

Re: Help us choose! - 03/15/01 08:18 PM

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Re: Help us choose! - 03/15/01 09:04 PM

banyan bay is $$$. i checked it out , 2 br is $235/day, and no 1 br's. a little high. VERY pretty, tho. try caribbean villas, or banana beach, or the palms. i am looking into the palms. i was quoted $118/nite +12% tax for 1br condo with AC & tv.
Posted By: Sunkissed

Re: Help us choose! - 03/16/01 01:42 AM

Just returned from Paradise Villas and as BC said "very, very nice". Nellie Gomez is a wonderful hostess and will take care of many things for you if you just ask. The only air conditioner though is in the bedroom. Although, in the 9 days we were there we never needed to use it. Always had a nice breeze blowing through the apartment if you leave all windows open. I was very happy and satisfied with the apartment and the placement of it from town, which is not far at all. Good luck with your decision.

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Re: Help us choose! - 03/16/01 02:52 AM

Banana Beach has 4 ocean front, ground floor units that are also just steps from the pool.Rooms are air conditioned but when we were there in january the breeze was all we needed to keep our unit comfortable. Tim and staff are very helpful and the housekeeping crew did an outstanding job of keeping the place neat, clean (tough to do with our 5 yr old tracking sand, shells and all sorts of beach treasures in to the room.)Trip to town was easy, either by cart or taxi.
Posted By: Mary and Scott

Re: Help us choose! - 03/16/01 03:21 AM

Helsman...does the pool at the Banana Beach get a good ocean breeze? We stayed at Seven Seas last year and the pool was in the back, nice but got NO BREEZE! It was hot back there! Since we love a pool, this is a big deal for us. Thanks!
Posted By: JohnT

Re: Help us choose! - 03/16/01 05:43 AM

Mary and Scott,
My wife and I stayed at Banana Beach in January of this year and really enjoyed our stay. The pool is a inside the courtyard formed by the building. There is a walkway to the beach but I couldn't say that it was very breezy. I would strongly recommend the beach - in my opinion it is one of the best on the south end and has great access to the ocean for wading/swimming. We plan to return to Banana Beach in July.
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