Meat Pie Boy

Posted By: KCKat

Meat Pie Boy - 03/15/01 10:17 PM

Do the kids still come around selling the meat pie's after school is out??? I loved those things.... alittle Maria's special sauce ... heaven (we nicked named the little fellow "meat pie boy")
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Meat Pie Boy - 03/15/01 10:54 PM

Yes, we know the meat pie boy. He came by our condo every evening. The first time we were a little reluctant. I only bought two. BIG MISTAKE!!! The four of us were fighting over them. The next night we nearly cleaned him out!! I had two teen boys who were famished at the end of the day after snorkeling etc. They couldn't wait for all of us to shower and get ready to walk to town for dinner. This was a perfect solution. He also had some key lime pie to die for. I definately plan on looking him up in June and hope he stops by the Seven Seas.......
Posted By: Mary and Scott

Re: Meat Pie Boy - 03/16/01 03:16 AM are in luck! We stayed at Seven Seas last September(we have e-mailed back and forth since we are looking into staying at Paradise Villas this time!)and the kids would come by every afternoon around 5. We would be sitting on the porch,talking about what we would do for dinner, and the kids would magically appear! It got to be a joke with us, because just about the time we would say anything about dinner, the "kid" would come by, so we finally determined that we would just wait and see what food appeared at the front porch! Best tamales I have ever had.Also, a guy comes around with a three-wheeled bicycle with THE BEST chicken burritos I have had.We were leery at first, but we never got the least bit ill! Don't know if one of the kids was the "meat Pie kid", but the food was great! Can't wait till September!
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