11 Days!!!!

Posted By: E Christian

11 Days!!!! - 02/22/02 01:48 PM

My last vacation before my wife and I start trying for our first kid. We saved all year and are staying at Victoria House. Anyone had an expierence there? Good? Bad? I can't wait.

Anyone else on AC first week of march?
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: 11 Days!!!! - 02/22/02 05:09 PM

yes i have experience...a 5 yr old & a 7 yr changes more dramatically then you can ever imagine, in every conceivable facet. and forget about sleep for a few years. make sure you are really ready and your marriage is strong, for the dynamics will change forever.

i was 31 and married 8 years when i had my first, and at 38 i am ready for the looney bin!

(i know this was not the advise you were looking for, but...)
Posted By: BankerWoman

Re: 11 Days!!!! - 02/22/02 08:31 PM

sweetJane -- You make me LOL. Just wait until your 5 and 7 become 15 and 17. Now you've got sump'n!!! You think you never get any sleep now? Wait until they get their drivers licenses and you lay awake nights thinking you can hear a police/ambulance siren in the distance and it just HAS to be your child they're racing off to tend to. The best years, my dear, are yet to come!

Have a good one and know that they DO grow up (I'm currently celebrating their recent adulthood and my empty nest with a trip to AC!)
Posted By: brandilee3

Re: 11 Days!!!! - 02/22/02 11:13 PM


To get back to your question... Victoria House is a fantastic place (my personal favorite on the island). Lovely facility and breath taking beach - I plan to get married there! You guys will have a wonderful time and just what you need before the kido comes along! Congrats.
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: 11 Days!!!! - 02/22/02 11:37 PM

yes, seriously, most everyone who stays there is very happy they did.

good luck!
Posted By: E Christian

Re: 11 Days!!!! - 02/23/02 03:50 AM

Sweetjane-- Yikes!! OK may be we will wait. No, we are ready. I'm 31 and my wife is 28. We've been married for 3 years but been togather for 8. I just saw an ad for "E.T." the 20 year aniversery. Wow, I hope my time on AC goes slower.

OH and BankerWoman-- Boys.... I'm praying for boys.
Posted By: E Christian

Re: 11 Days!!!! - 02/23/02 03:53 AM

P.S. My do you say, ain't so good. Excuse my spelling.
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