Floor selection for a new house

Posted By: dschick

Floor selection for a new house - 01/15/16 07:45 PM

My husband and I will be building a house in AC during the next year and need advise on flooring. We love the idea of wooden floors but didn't know how long the finish will hold up in a salty, sandy environment? We're not concerned with a rustic look from scratches. Rather, we're concerned about how quickly the top coat would wear away, leaving the floor unprotected. Anyone out there have wood floors? If so, how's it going? Thanks in advance!
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Floor selection for a new house - 01/15/16 07:55 PM

I have hardwood floors and live right on the beach.
Verathne finish.
No shoes allowed in house, feet get well dusted off before entering. Pets spend time inside.
My formula for floor care: sweep daily, dust-mop to catch cat fur, mop as needed, using water-only. Don't use Fabulosa or Disicline as both will take the finish off the floors over time.
My floors are now over 20 years old and I am finally considering sanding and refinishing. not bad!
Posted By: dschick

Re: Floor selection for a new house - 01/15/16 08:49 PM

Yay! That is such good news! I'm soooo happy! Thanks, Diane! Can't wait to meet you some day!
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