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november - 03/20/01 01:18 AM

Hi, new to the board but read it daily! we are coming in november and would like to know how the weather really is that time of year, I'm hoping you all will say warm and fantastic! I am also open to any suggestions of what to do since this will be our first trip, I can't wait! It all seems so wonderful!
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Re: november - 03/20/01 03:55 AM

Have never been in November, so locals to the board who have been will have to help, but when we have been to the area in late September it is very nice, warm,rain at night. You will have a good time regardless, Belize it! Where are you staying?
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Re: november - 03/20/01 04:39 PM

we are staying at the casa tortuga. It looks nice hope that the pictures are not deceptive! What is this I read about beach BBQ? We get in on a thursday night and will be ready to party! Anything local fun to do or other ideas? We will be in San Pedro for about 6 days Nov.8 - 14. We then have decited to go to San Ingnacio, any ideas where to stay there? Thanks, sorry to be rambling but i'm soooo excited I can't wait, the whole reason we are going is because we are getting married.
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Re: november - 03/20/01 04:56 PM

We were there tis past Nov. It was great. From Nov 3 - 12. The weather was sunny and hot and the nights were warm.

I am heading back againthis Nov on the same dates. maybe we'll meet you there!

By the way, Casa Tortuga is beautiful and I think you will love it. we will be staying 2 properties down from you. We were supposed to go in Nov of 98 for our honeymoon adn "Mitch" hit. So we went last year for our 2 year anniversayr adn now we are addicted!
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Re: november - 03/20/01 05:15 PM

I have been to AC at least twice over the last 5 years in November. Don't worry about the weather. It is usually a time of year when the weather patterns start to change to a drier, windier climate but always warm.

The "northers" could begin anytime in November bringing cooler winds from the north to AC. This does not mean it is so cool as to be uncomfortable. The daytime temperatures are usually in the 80's with bright sunshine and if rain should appear it normally would not be for an extended period.

I look forward to the winds from the north as it helps to rid AC of the heat and humidity of the rainy season, along with the mosquitos.

All in all, I would say that you should have mixed weather but mostly sunny and warm. You may want to take a sweatshirt or light jacket for nightime wear on the beach at the bars and hotels.

Having said all that, if there should be a depression or major storm in the area, it can be wet, but this rarely happens in November. Most of the storms are over by the end of October in Central America and the Caribbean basin, notwithstanding Mitch in 1998.

Forget the weather and enjoy yourself no matter what happens. We always have enjoyed AC even after a major hurricane. We arrived the week after Mitch, and we had a ball.

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Re: november - 03/20/01 06:08 PM

I'm hoping that our wedding will be beautiful and I hope to want to come back for our anniversary! Staying 2 houses down huh? cool maybe we will meet! Thanks for the info on the weather, I think even if it rains we will enjoy our time. Hey, what are some local drinks? I'm up for trying all sorts of new stuff!!!!
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Re: november - 03/20/01 06:33 PM

The bartenders at Fido's will make you just about anything. Our bartender at the palce we stayed at made us all different concoctions, and we loved almost all of them!

You will find lots to do, and I am sure be worn out and sleep well every single night. we did. We were up early everyday and slept loike rocks every night.

I am counting down already!
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