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concrete home builders - 02/20/16 12:57 PM

i can only find info on Plett's, and Tropical builders...both which seem to build using only wood and metal. my husband and i are looking for information on building a concrete home here on ambergris caye. we will be here for the month of march so if it requires meeting and speaking with people, can you please share their names and any info you have. there is a company out of Corozal-TA builders that does concrete construction and i am waiting on an answer back from them as to whether or not they will come to the caye. thanks so much, any advice is helpful. we are not certain as to whether we are going to build or buy already built. we have purchased a condo for the act as a base for our home search and if need be, a base while building.
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Re: concrete home builders - 02/20/16 01:35 PM

My Wife and I are using Graniels Construction for our build right now. They are based on the island and build some of the most beautiful concrete buildings. They are a bit more expensive but the quality and piece of mind you get out weighs the extra cost. We are nearing the end of our build and so far he is on time and on budget. [Linked Image]
His email is
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Re: concrete home builders - 02/20/16 01:48 PM

you know, i came across that name with a wonderful recommendation...and no way to get in touch with him-LOL! let me just say CONGRATS!!!! your home is beautiful. thank you so much for giving me his email, i will definitely check into them as we get into this more. did you have to hire a separate architect first? then did you hire an electrician and plumber or did the builder have them?
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Re: concrete home builders - 02/20/16 01:54 PM

Thank you so much. We hired Hector Rodriguez as our architect and were very pleased with his results as well. He was also quite affordable compared to North American standards. The price Armando quotes includes all plumbing and electrical work and finishing. We are VERY pleased so far with everything.
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Re: concrete home builders - 02/20/16 02:13 PM

you answered a few questions i just sent in an email to Armando-LOL. i was wondering about the architect, so that is great...can you give me his contact info too, perhaps? and that is also fantastic that he has his own electricians and plumbers. i literally just sent him an email...can't wait to hear back, this is the first headway i've made and we will be down there march 1st! so perfect timing, hope to meet armando when we get down there and get some more info.
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Re: concrete home builders - 02/20/16 02:44 PM

d'arkitekt studio-hector rodriquez...i found him!
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Re: concrete home builders - 02/20/16 06:03 PM

Yes - Graniel's is very good but he can't do everything. There are a lot of good builders here --- but you need to be here.

There are a FEW who automatically build to US standards - others you have to be very explicit with. I learned this the hard way.

I suggest that you not wear yourself out trying to do this from afar.
Come down - you have the right idea about the condo.

Drive around and look at houses you like and talk to the owners. The best part of living on the island is the friendliness of the people. Listen to what I call "between the lines." Few people will say anything bad about anyone. I should have heard what was meant when I was told - "Oh he's good but you could probably get it done for less." (get it?)

Good luck - if you are looking on the north end - stop by Birdland.
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Re: concrete home builders - 02/21/16 10:05 AM

thanks Harriette, will do...see you at birdland, not sure what it is, but we'll stop in! thanks, iva
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Re: concrete home builders - 02/22/16 04:24 PM

Hector Rodriquez is not a legally APAB registered architect. You can find the architects licensed to practice in Belize in the phone book.
Posted By: Katie Valk

Re: concrete home builders - 02/22/16 06:42 PM

I loved mine enough to build a second house with them
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Re: concrete home builders - 02/23/16 06:22 PM

thanks "cracked up" and Katie!
Posted By: Philus

Re: concrete home builders - 02/24/16 07:29 PM

That is true, but Hector is a professional architect in the process of joining the APAB, he currently works in collaboration with Vicky Nelder a registered architect here in San Pedro.

He has worked for me and I also recommend his work.
Posted By: Iva heath

Re: concrete home builders - 02/25/16 05:49 PM

thanks Philus!
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