australians in belize

Posted By: mickdiver

australians in belize - 02/23/16 12:11 AM

Any australians living in belize? need someone of certain professions to certify documents.
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Re: australians in belize - 02/23/16 12:42 AM

mick, if you don't get an answer here inquire at Pedro's. The owner Peter or some of the guests might know. A week ago might have been a little easier but those people have left the Island and they hung out at Caribbean Villas mostly. Many of the Brits who hang out at these two places have some ties to Australia, I believe and would know. I have an Austrian Shepard but I don't think he can help you.

Good luck, but of course you understand that it is probably a long shot you will find many Australians here never mind one with the qualifications you are looking for. Diving, I'll assume.
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Re: australians in belize - 02/23/16 12:48 AM

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Re: australians in belize - 02/23/16 02:16 AM

The owner of Lamanai Outpost Lodge is an Aussie.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: australians in belize - 02/23/16 11:37 AM

Originally Posted by bobcat bill

Pedro's Inn
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Re: australians in belize - 02/24/16 03:57 PM

thanks for the ideas!
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