Blue Hole day trip

Posted By: Fins Up

Blue Hole day trip - 03/25/01 03:53 PM

I want to do the day trip dive but my wife does not dive. Does anyone know if the dive boats charge for non-diving passengers?
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Re: Blue Hole day trip - 03/25/01 04:19 PM

Think it depends on dive shop. Some will let her snorkel on top while you dive for a small fee. It's a long ride out there. Will be there on April 18>27, when are you planning on going?
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Re: Blue Hole day trip - 03/25/01 07:39 PM

My wife and I are divers and are tring to plan our fist trip to Belize. I've heard and read great things about diving Lighthouse reef and the Blue Hole. Can we use AC as our home base and do the day trip out there? How long is the boat ride out? What about staying out there at Lighthouse reef?
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Re: Blue Hole day trip - 03/25/01 10:08 PM

fins up-we're going to be on ac on 4/4-4/9, staying at paradise villas. The guys are going to do the blue hole day trip-probably with Amigos del Mar but we girls[2 of us] are not divers either. we thought that maybe we'd do a snorkel trip or some other day trip. your wife is more than welcome to come along if she wants.
Posted By: Karen Pasquariello

Re: Blue Hole day trip - 03/26/01 07:21 AM

I believe most dive shops do charge for snorkelers, not as much as divers, but quite a bit because snorkelers take up a seat on the boat as a diver, the only difference is the gear. It is about a 1 1/2 hour ride on a speed boat. It is best if it is a calm day. What is nice about the Blue Hole trip is that there are usually two other dive and snorkel stops and a visit to Half Moon Caye, a protected bird sanctuary. It is beautiful.
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Re: Blue Hole day trip - 03/26/01 10:10 PM


We were down there in Nov and did the Blue Hole, Half Moon Caye and the Aquarium. There were at least 3 snorkelers aboard our boat. It was great becasue they could snorkel and we could dive then we could all picnic together and relax at the Bird Sanctuary. It was about 2 hours out to the Blue Hole and you leave at 6AM. We got back by 4:30 PM.

On the other side of the coin, there were also those in our group that stayed behind all day and did other things, so your wife may change her mind adn be jsut as satisfied.

Have Fun!
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Re: Blue Hole day trip - 03/26/01 11:54 PM

We will be going April 22 thru 28 and diving with Gaz Cooper and maybe other dive opps. We will be staying at Paridius Villas also. Look for a skin head with a big mustache that will be me. I read some where that snorkers going to the blue hole have to pay $125.00 US. This sounds a bit much, we may have to shop around if the wife still wants to do the day trip.

Fins Up
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