Thanks Skinny. . .my feet hurt??!!

Posted By: Kruman

Thanks Skinny. . .my feet hurt??!! - 03/26/01 12:15 AM

Hey Skinny -
Dropping off a quick note to you, for all message board junkies (such as myself), to see. . .
Having just returned to my life, from 10 days on AC, I wanted to say thanks. . .

Heidi and I (You know those parents of ours. . . Perry and MaryVan. . .) danced relentlessly in front of you and Jo' Mama numerous times in only a few days. You made a great visit to AC even greater. My feet hurt? No way.
Say hi to mom and Perry for me. . .remind them that they are not having nearly as much fun now that I am gone.
Hello to your wife! I will see you both on my next visit. ASAP! Beach BBQ please!
Jen Kruman
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Re: Thanks Skinny. . .my feet hurt??!! - 04/10/01 11:33 AM

Now why would your feet be a hurtin'? Hi Mom and Dad... There, I said it.
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Re: Thanks Skinny. . .my feet hurt??!! - 04/12/01 03:24 AM

Got a joke for your next monday night at Fido's:

A poor self-conscious woman goes in for her third face-lift.

After a few weeks of recovery she finally decides it's time to go out with her friends again.

When she's out at the bar, one of her friends says: "So. . .how are you feeling about your surgery?"
The woman says: "Well, I feel pretty good, but I can't figure out what these two big lumps are on the top of my head??."

"Lumps?? . . .Oh, wow, those are your breasts!"


Get it, skinny?
Let me know if I won a drink. . .
(and give me the credit if you get a laugh. . .)

See you in AC


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