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Posted By: Karen Pasquariello

Journey's End - 03/28/01 12:19 AM

Does anyone have the email address for Jim, the manager at Journey's End Resort. The one I have doesn't go through.
Posted By: fruitcake

Re: Journey's End - 03/28/01 04:20 AM

I'm going to Journey's End in a few days. It's my understanding they have new management, husband/wife team. You may ask Jonathan at [email protected],he's answered all my questions.
Posted By: Ralph

Re: Journey's End - 03/28/01 07:57 AM

Ditto fruitcake's answer..Jonathan at JER responds asap...he sent us photos and even a video (actually a Mark Sosin fly fishing video filed in AC...out of JER).
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Journey's End - 03/28/01 05:11 PM

ha! he just sent me photos too! [email protected]
Posted By: Karen Pasquariello

Re: Journey's End - 03/28/01 07:02 PM

Thanks a bunch for all the replies. What ever happened to Jim? Didn't know he left Journey's End.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Journey's End - 03/28/01 09:58 PM

hey karen, i dont know the answer to your question, but i will tell you this:

when i was there last year, i only saw jim twice. once to play volleyball, and the other just briefly. i didnt even know what he did there. i saw his kids more than him. he wasnt ever around. jonathan brought me my welcome drink. jim did remember you, tho, when i mentioned your name, he was surprised! i didnt get the impression he was close with the staff....
Posted By: mango

Re: Journey's End - 03/29/01 03:49 AM

I found Jim to be an extremely nice and engaging person. He staff thaught highly of him and often went into town with him at night to go dancing and the such. It seems alot of his work was clerical. i.e. reports and such to his owners. A very cool guy who left on good terms too work on his own project in a few months in southern Belize. Read the comments at JER web site under current events to hear the kind things the owners had to say about him. I am sorry that you did not get a chance to spend more time with him
Posted By: Suew

Re: Journey's End - 03/29/01 03:58 AM

The new managers are Tabitha and Brian Dean. They are a Belizean/Canadian couple who are well-versed in the hospitality field and experienced in business management. They've got a gorgeous little daughter Brianna, and I'm sure will make a great imact on the service and overall hospitality at Journey's End. I'm sure the guests will be pleased.
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Journey's End - 03/29/01 05:28 PM

I think Jim was simply fed up with all the ...whatever.... Mango you are quite correct.
Posted By: M-A Gaffney

Re: Journey's End - 03/29/01 08:12 PM

Anybody heard what the new venture down South is?
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Journey's End - 03/30/01 11:12 AM

Well Karen... if you go to the Journey's End website they say that Jim is way south working on projects. However I received email from an old friend yesterday that indicated Jim is working just a few resorts down at El Pescador. For some reason this does not surprise me...
Posted By: DEBORAH S

Re: Journey's End - 03/30/01 10:31 PM

I just want to say when I was at Journeys End I talked with Jim and yes, he would be at El Pescador for a while. But soon will be starting his own Business, a fishing lodge. He told me he will really miss JE, butit was time to move on. The new owners I met, are really nice and have plans to upgrade the place alot, especially the restaurant.
Posted By: mayatravel

Re: Journey's End - 03/30/01 11:00 PM

[email protected] or with one 't', not sure.

Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Journey's End - 03/30/01 11:38 PM

They're not the new owners... just manager/employees. The owners are located in Houston.
Posted By: fruitcake

Re: Journey's End - 04/04/01 04:29 AM

Denny, why the jabs? I could care less who owns the place. The manager/employees is of more importance to me.
Posted By: Suew

Re: Journey's End - 04/04/01 04:43 AM

E-Mail for the new managers, Tabitha and Brian Dean is: [email protected]
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