School/library needs?

Posted By: Kim Q

School/library needs? - 03/31/01 01:23 AM

Does anyone know if the schools and/or library need donations of any kind. We are leaving in a week and would love to bring things that are needed, if any. Paper? Pencils? Books?
Posted By: Kruman

Re: School/library needs? - 03/31/01 05:16 AM

Yes, Hi,
My mom volunteers at the Isla Bonita school twice a week. She says that they are desperate for any school supplies you could get your hands on. For some reason, CHALK is always in big demand. Of course, paper and pencils as well. Construction paper is also a big request from the teacher.
What a great thought, have fun on your visit. I just got back 2 weeks ago and miss it already. Crayons also. Oh, and more ideas; she also mentioned that some great books to help the kids learn to read english are the "little golden books." Do you know which they are?? They are so inexpensive and such a great help to the young kids.

Jen K.

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Re: School/library needs? - 03/31/01 08:14 AM

Hi.. I posted this on another area, but if anyone from the Denver area is going, please email me and I'd love to send some stuff with you.... thanks!!!
Posted By: Kim Q

Re: School/library needs? - 03/31/01 03:45 PM


Thanks for your reply. Will bring some of that. Do you think I should just bring it to the school or is there a contact? We will be there over Easter so I'm not sure if school is in session. We're talking about the elementary school, right? Appreciate the help!
Posted By: Kruman

Re: School/library needs? - 03/31/01 05:06 PM

Hi again,
so glad I was able to help you a bit. If I were you, I would just ask someone when you get there where the school is and go right on over there and find out who is in charge! If you would like, I could get the name of the woman at the Isla Bonita school from mom. They are all so nice, and easy to deal with. As far as the Easter break goes, I don't know what days they have off, but I'll bet someone one the board who reads this will know! (Help anyone???). I am thinking that they certainly won't be off for more than a day or so, if at all. That won't be a problem I'm sure.
My mom could be a big help on this if you are very serious. I could give you her e-mial if you want and you could ask her directly any specific questions you may have. Just let me know. Otherwise, have fun with this! It's always so nice to be able to see their smiles when they get basic things they have been lacking! And just so you know, there are 3 schools in San Pedro. The Island Academy at the south end of town, the catholic school right near the airport, and the Isla Bonita school at the northern end of town. (If I am wrong one this, correct me anyone)! If you wanted to find out contact names for each, I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem just to ask around when you got there, it's a small place!

Jen Kruman

(I wish I were on my way too!!)
Posted By: Kruman

Re: School/library needs? - 03/31/01 05:10 PM

Oops, sorry I overlooked one of your questions. . .
Yep, these are for the younger kids. It would be great if anyone one the board knows anything about any needs for highschoolers. Come to think of it, where is the highschool??
Anyone know??
Jen K.
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