have I fogotten anything?

Posted By: fruitcake

have I fogotten anything? - 04/04/01 04:03 AM

Well, I arrive tomorrow afternoon. I've packed (not over, I hope). I have my ticket, passport, dive gear, spf 30, a few t-shirts, shorts,camera and sunglasses. I'll be at Journey's End and assume if I've forgotten anything I'll be able to obtain. Have I totatly overlooked anything obvious?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: have I fogotten anything? - 04/04/01 05:06 AM

zip locs, bug spray (just in case), advil, waterproof bandaids (hubby got blisters from his fins after 6 dives in 3 daays!). pepto bismol or immodium, again, just in case. the stuff there is $$$.

i stayed there last year, you will enjoy yourself. the staff are great. if the have paella one night, get it! eat at rendezvouz next door one night, order the lobster thai style. mmmmm.
Posted By: Ralph

Re: have I fogotten anything? - 04/04/01 06:58 AM

Lobster is out of season...sorry... Film, extra camera battery, squeeze cheese for feeding fish while snorkeling..and for snacks..waterproof flashlight to attract fish...disposable underwater cameras...hats...sunglasses..chap stick with sunblock...bug stuff....I leave on April 13th to JER..need to pre-pack to make sure I can fit everything... Bringing 5 fishing poles and reels and one full tackle box (there are 3 of us). Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure its a very good idea to bring your own skin diving equip. (mask, flippers and snorkle). I've heard it costs $20 per day.. I'll be passing you on the way in........
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