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Posted By: chilidog

wedding place - 04/05/01 05:50 PM

Hello everyone- I have a quick question I will be getting married on AC, April 21st. I was wondering if any of you have suggestions on the perfect spot to have the wedding. It is only going to be my fiance & myself (any of you can show up if you are in the area). Thank you for the responses.
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Re: wedding place - 04/05/01 06:29 PM

On the pier at Capricorn Restaurant, and then have dinner there.

Katie Valk
Maya Travel Services
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Re: wedding place - 04/05/01 10:47 PM

Hi Chilidog, congrats, can't give you any suggestions, but I think it's neat that you two are doing it on your own. Again, CONGRATS!!!!!!
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Re: wedding place - 04/05/01 10:50 PM

Have you already planned it with a person who can perform it? I was just wondering because my Fiance and I might do the same thing be we are thinking about leaving it to the last minute, but I am not sure if we can do that. So I was wonding if you had someoen lined up. It would have been great if you did and we were going at the same time, then he/or she could marry you all and them us, and we could share the fee! I am going May 26th.
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go to the above site. this should help you both. use the board, you will find out all you need.
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oops. this one.
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Re: wedding place - 04/06/01 05:26 AM

also, many other resorts have wedding packages. click on "lodgings" above. several will have a wedding link. good luck!
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Re: wedding place - 04/06/01 05:46 PM

Hey Ginny- We are getting married April 21st. Our travel agent set everything up for us. The lady that is putting everything together for us in AC is Mrs. Gonzales. She is a Justice of the Peace. There is a minister that will performing the ceremony. I know this doesn't help much but that is all I can remember. I am at work so I don't have any of the paperwork. I think you & your fiance should get married down there it is such a unique experience. Have fun!!!!
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