Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans

Posted By: Joe Jr

Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/16/01 10:23 PM

When we stayed at Mata Chica this past month Fox was at the resort negotiating for a Temptation 2 in five different languages. It would be filmed over a five month timeframe. Word I heard was that Morgans signed up and Mata Chica Was driving a hard bargain. They would take the entire resort for the 5 months. Don't know when they will start but thought it was this summer.

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Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/16/01 10:35 PM

well, my first inclination is to go down there and chase them away!!! i've got plenty of ideas on how to do that [Linked Image] but, if it's what the locals want as far as $$ wise, then i have no biz butting in; i just hate to see this place that i've come to love (yet not visited yet) become another landing for commercialism..... yet, win me the lottery, and i'm there baby!!!!
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Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/17/01 03:22 AM

NO!!! I have reservations for JULY...please tell me this is not true!!!!
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Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/17/01 03:08 PM

I am only posting what I was told when I was there. The owners have fox over the barrel as they say with Morgans signed up and I'm sure fox wants the same resorts as previous edition of Temptation. July is part of their slow season and the owner was weighing the pro's and cons of essentially shutting down for the 5 months to outside tourism. It gave them essentially months off to travel and only leaving the cleaning / restaurant staff to cater to the fox people. The reservation / tour arrangements would not be required as the guests will be working and only need a clean room and chow. The negatives are a possible loss of customers when the resort is "off limits" for the 5 months, which would probably not exist and probably make the resort more desiraBLE WITH THE FREE ADVERTISING. The money they will be getting for the 14 units ( average of 350 - 400 US ) for the period plus the lost future business will result in a paycheck in excess of 1M US in my opinion. Tough to turn down when a four month vacation is thrown in for the owners! As one employee said, they will say make me an offer I can't refuse and then refuse it twice. Sorry about your plans but I would try to nail them down on the status of the show and not be left dissapointed. How you can get any guaranteed reservations is beyond me, but I'm simply posting what I heard during my stay. Beware.
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Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/17/01 04:20 PM

Say it ain't so!!!! Why can't they be like "Survivor" and go to a different place each season? I too, have devloped a fond affection for this unique place, but I fear that it will soon become "Aspenized". After reading the post about the condition of the reef, and now this, one has to wonder, is ruining the island worth the $$$? I don't begrudge the locals for trying to cash in, but I hope they can take a look at how over-commercialization can hurt this beautiful place in the long run.

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Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/17/01 05:03 PM

I have emailed the reservation desk and asked the status of the my room...I have already sent them money and gotten a confirmation, so I have specifically asked if I will be "bumped" to a new hotel. I will keep you posted.
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Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/17/01 05:11 PM

Be careful. When the resort was shut down during last hurricane and guests were forced to go elsewhere i heard of one in particular who was sent to a resort in Placencia we stayed at ( a really great place with excellent owners and staff) had one hell of a time getting his deposit back. Seems crazy but from what i was told this doctor raised hell and finally got his deposit refunded. Not without a battle though. Again, only what i heard, take it for what its worth and do your own homework to protect yourself

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Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/17/01 09:32 PM

Captain Morgan's Retreat has NOT signed any deal with Fox for Temptation Island 2. Fox is considering the property for their European version of the show, but they are also considering several properties inland as well as different countries. If Fox does select CMR, it will be closed for the filming of the series, but CMR will NOT be closed for 5 months. If Fox does select CMR, we will notify our guests and offer them a choice of different lodging or a refund of deposit. Despite what Joe Jr. has written, no one has had 'one hell of a time' receiving a refund due to relocation whether it was due to a hurricane or filming a TV show.

If there are questions or concerns, please call 888-653-9090.
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Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/18/01 05:05 AM

Me and the kids will post a trip report soon. As a family i can say we were all wooed by AC. My son wants a vacation home there, my daughter fell in love with the overall friendliness and charm of the Belizeian children, my wife loved the laid back, no shoes atmosphere and I loved everything about the country. In my 43 years on this planet I can say I've never met a more friendly group of citizens than the people of Belize. I think if I had to put my finger on the allure of Belize it is in their people. Friendly, sincere, appreciative etc.,etc,etc.! Forget about the children, they warmed my heart so many times I cant tell. I also realized I cant change poverty with my token gifts. God, I wanted to help so many of those children, but after a period of time I began to realize the real problems of poverty and a third world country. But I was charmed by a boy i picked up hitching in Placencia on my way to fish.Ended up giving him seveal lures with a promise to bring my family and fish from his pier the next day. The kids were wonderful and enjoyed our visit, ended up leaving more lures and my fishing pole. Still feel a little sad I couldn't help more though. Stayed at the Mata Chica 7 days, the room was awesome, could eat off the floor every day after maid service. Restaurant was excellent, pricey with two kids and no childrens menu but the food and staff were wonderful. There are other reasons i wouldn't return to Mata but a return trip to AC is high on my entire family's list. The resort is beautiful and would recommend to all couples or families with unlimited budgets. I found it too expensive round trip to AC on the taxi. On vacation you want to go places on your time and trying to catch the Mata boat sometimes resulted in alot of standing around waiting. Parents with 11 and 13 year olds will understand. Next time well stay in town. The snorkeling, Lamania and Placencia were awesome, to a person we thoroughly enjoyed our trip. Post a detailed report soon.
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Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/18/01 05:42 AM

Don't do it #!**@#!
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Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/19/01 04:53 AM

Joe, Jr. One of my clients wants to go to SP for one week of doing ABSOLUTELY nothing. He doesn't want to go to Mexico and of course, his travel agent is pushing the new southern resorts on the Mayan Riviera. I've recommended a couple of places to him based on what I've read here because I'm thinking that the places I stay would not be enough for him and his wife. One of the places that I've recommended was Mata Chica. Based on the little bit I've told you here, would you say this is a good choice for him?
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Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/19/01 06:13 AM

Thanks for asking, Hope! (No, this wasn't directed to Joe Jr's trip report)... for it was late last night and didn't have time for much, plus I think every one can read my mind (ha, ha).
I was responding to the Topic "Temptation 2 @ Mata Chica & Morgans" (refer to my posting of 04/12/2001, Coming to AC, May 4th-15th).
I know this topic of "Temptation Island" was hashed over many months ago and at that time I wasn't on the board to give my piece. But every time the topic comes up my skin crawls. If I were an owner of one of the resorts approached by Fox, I would also have a hard time turning down easy advertising and bucks... it would come down to a moral choice...for the program so distorted what Belize and its people are about - my heart is sad. Sure they were showing you the lovely scenes of the country... but the fiber of the program was - how can we take a group of shallow, cosmo people, mix their senses up and push them as far as we can to the edge of destruction, and be entertained by this?! We dare call this country of Belize poor. The only thing I see them (Belizians) lacking is a naivety in being too kind, for hasn't it been our past nature to destroy someone else's possessions to get 1% of the gold for ourselves? I would hope these resort owners would ban together and tell Fox, "Shame me once-shame on you! Shame me twice-shame on me!" But then we don't live in a perfect world do we?
Fox, this is not an original idea! The people I spoke with said they could only watch five minutes of this BULL before changing the channel. Who's fleecing you??
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Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/19/01 12:06 PM

Hi Seashell

If mata chica does close for the Fox show you may like to consider Playa blanca resort which is just North of mata chica.

i have 5 Luxurious beachfront Condos from $1600sq ft up and it would be a great quiet place for your client just to kick back and do nothing.

let me know if the mata chica thing does not work out


Gaz Cooper (under construction)
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/19/01 01:38 PM

Hey Holly!
Nice to see your name here.... how have you been? Remember poor ole me? laugh
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Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/19/01 09:13 PM

Thanks Gaz! The rumored FOX closures won't affect my client's holiday. He and his wife are taking their vacation in early May. I don't know if Mata Chica is in or out. I'd like to hear more about it and also, more about your recommended resort. So far, I've suggested Mata Chica, Victoria House, Banyan Bay and The Yacht Club to him. I'm thinking too of Ramones. The rooms aren't anywhere near as nice but the atmosphere might be what he needs to unwind. I'd recommend PV to him too except I'm afraid that he may have higher expectations for the interior of the rooms. I know this sounds like a contradiction after what I said about Ramones. While I think the grounds at PV are very lovely, the grounds at Ramone's are seriously set up for being a tourist.
Posted By: Joe Jr

Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/19/01 11:05 PM

I think for any couple wanting to get away and enjoy the solitude and spend quality time , romance Mata Chica is an excellent choice. The rooms and restaurant are wonderful. Remember, the island is not like other developed islands, it is pure solitude with a walk on the beach the only diversion. The rear of the property and to the North is a lagoon not suitable for hiking, trust me!But as a relaxing place with excellent food i wouldn't hesitate to recommend it, if thats what you are looking for. Again I was there with my wife,11 and 13 year old who wanted to be more on the go. My fault for choosing that resort.Things about the place bothered me that perhaps wouldn't bother others, but again this was a family not a couple. Hope this helps.
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Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/19/01 11:24 PM

Can someone explain the lagoon side of the island to me? From pix I've seen it looks beautiful, but I've never heard a good comment on it.... thanx!!!!
Posted By: seashell

Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/20/01 03:47 AM

Joe Jr., thanks so much. I've been there 3 times and I wouldn't stay at Mata Chica. Too quiet and isolated for me (not to mention the price :^)) However, it may be just what my client and his wife are looking for. They want to get away and just do nothing except sun and water. How far is it to SP proper? Can they walk to it, take a golf cart, or do you have to take a boat?
Posted By: Joe Jr

Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/20/01 05:02 PM

Diane / Seashell
The lagoon is in the rear of the property probably 500 yards from the resort. You would never know it existed except for me and my kids exploring nature. It is not offensive, just a part of the natural terrain of the island and is home to many forms of life. When we went there we were all eaten for dinner by bugs that attached to our legs and there surrounding area of the lagoion was six muddy. Its natural terrain but not suitable for walking or hiking / exploring. No bugs at the rrsort though. The mata property is probably about 3 acres in size with appx. 14 units on the property. The only way to town is a 15 minute boat ride which is pleasant, the water and coastline is beautiful, $20 roundtrip by taxi, discount tokens available for anyone coming to the resort to eat and spend their money, not available for guests who want to go to town. This irked me to death at $300. / night, still bothers me. San Pedro is not accessible by golf cart, there is no trails, roads or paths out of the property. The walk would not be practical, I would estimate several hours and then the hand ferry to San Pedro. You must take a boat. Little things bothered me about our stay. We were promised the Blueberry unit on the email confirmation we received. when we arrived we were put in the unit adjacent to the rrestaurant three cabanas from the blueberry. The pictures on the website show a view from behind and alongside the blueberry and it was quite stunning. The view was better and the porch had a full size hammock vs. a "single seater" ( a sit up type). When my wife asked to be moved we were told it was occupied and they would be moving out the next day and Phillipe said he would see about moving us. Nadia then got involved and wasn't sure if that was possible, they would let us know. Never another mention of the matter. I thought to forget about it and relax and go on. On a daily basis we wanted to go to San Pedro and see the sights and feel the ambiance of AC. On at least 3 occasions the Mata boat left without us forcing us to stand at the docks edge or on the beach waiting sometimes 1/2 hr. + for the boat to leave each day. With and 11 and 13 year old standing around is not a simple matter, plus I felt like I was wasting valuable time each day trying to save $80 on the taxi. A simple knock on the door with a we're leaving would be appropriate but never happened. They don't make it easy. The owner made a comment the 2nd day asking why would we want to spend our time in town? I got the feeling they wanted us exclusively at their resort to drink & eat 3 meals a day and oleave on their tours ( which they get a cut of) and secondly I didn't think it was any of their business what we did with our time. Their tours were great but Lamanai was $125 us X 4 + $500. tour and then another expensive dinner at the resort, hey the money tree hasn't blossomed in Connecticut yet. But again for an unlimited budget its a great place. I also didn't like the treatment of the help at the resort. I witnessed a waitress being screamed at for forgetting a flower on breakfast plate and since most help was new at the resort with the exception of 2 I got more than the feeling that is was not a pleasant working environment, Ill say no more. Again, insignificant to some but i treat people of all racers and wealth the same and didn't get that feeling there. Elitist, maybe / probably in my opinion. I met garfish at the Mata, helluva nice guy, wish i had more time to spend with him. He was there for only 3-4 days then to Turneff Islands. With his wife for a short stay it was great for him. Even alone with my wife these things would have bothered me though. Not for everyone but some will love it.
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Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/20/01 05:26 PM

Thanks Joe Jr. That was a great report and now I feel fully informed. This is not the place for them. I know the wife would really like to be able to walk around the town whenever she felt like it. Mata Chica doesn't have a pool either, I don't think and she'd like to have that. I'm going to recommend Victoria House, Yacht Club and Banyan Bay (which is probably a non-starter, since they don't need two bedrooms). Any other input anyone? TIA
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Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/20/01 05:47 PM

Take a peek at Banana Beach Resort


Tropica Beach Resort

Good hunting,

Posted By: diann

Re: Temptation 2 @ Mata chica & Morgans - 04/20/01 06:14 PM

Joe Jr....
I'm with you on treating people equal. If I'm ANYWHERE and the employees are being treated as such, well, I tell the owner/manager what I think; that I won't ever be back, and that they can bet I'll forward that on to anyone I come in contact with... just outspoken and out for the underdog, so to speak. It does sound like a place for an unlimited budget, but sad to say, I don't think a beautiful beach is worth what you went through. I have met some nice people (thru email) from up north, so I'm a little distraught over this. Thank goodness Axeman is there now.. he's scoping a beach out for me!! Again, thanks for your opinion..... I hope that was a one time scenario.
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