buying a house on AC

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buying a house on AC - 04/19/01 04:22 PM

I'm so glad to hear that we were not the only ones to buy. On our last day, we were just walking around in San Pedro and saw Southwind Realty. Just for our info, we walked over to see the price of real estate. Tricia was on her way in the door and told us about some condos. We took a boat ride up to Belezian Shores. It wasn't at all what we would ever do... but when she told us about a home south of the city, we were intrigued. It is about 3 miles south, right next to Carib. Island Resort. It's a cute little 2 bedroom with a loft. And it came furnished... although we are going to redecorate. I think there are a few places to get furniture on the island, and I hear that several men there can make anything you have a picture of, and it is beautiful. As far as the fabrics, thats a different story. But Tricia at Southwind has the name of several people who will ship your stuff. It's pretty pricey... and if you are going to rent, you may want to rethink that. We also visited a home on the island that was furnished by stuff from Mexico. Absolutely gorgeous, and very cheap!!! Good sturdy beds, tables, etc. So you at least have some options...
We (all of a sudden) have many friends... all of whom want an invite to AC! We are thinking of renting our house too, probably during the summer and fall (maybe to SMU students), since we will not be making the trek then. We are looking for someone to look after the property for us, and also some kind of housekeeping service, so if you run across any info on that, please pass it on.
My husband and I have travelled extensively and planned on buying on an island somewhere. Thought it may be Cayman until we saw beautiful Belize. I know it's not for everyone, but that's a good thing! My friends all say that I'll have a hard time, lack of sports and shopping, (but that's what planes are for, and I will be in my regular seats for every home Florida State football game, and make my regular trips to Buffalo for Bills and Sabres games). The husband may move down in a year or too, but I'll just be a part-timer.
Keep me posted on your progress. We are leaving May 30 for the closing, and will be down a week. I'll pass along any info to you as I get it.
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Hi Vicki...
Congrats!!! Wow... just another person to envy now [Linked Image] Thanx for the info for us wanna be residents!!!
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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/19/01 05:59 PM
Sue & her partner Charles can help with all your property management needs. (Yes, this is a SHAMELESS plug for my best friend of 35 years!)
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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/19/01 05:59 PM

P.S. go 'noles!
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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/19/01 06:13 PM

Thanks for the info M-A!

Another Nole here, huh? Do you live in the area? I live 60 miles north of Tallahassee.
I am a true Nole (see my post name...) I have a sports room (including the big screen), have videos of all the games for off-season... I even bought my car from the same place that furnishes Bowden with his. I told the salesman that I wanted the same spear and feathers detailing that Bobby gets, he told me no, but when we offered cash on the spot if he would do it... well, I am sporting the spear and feathers!
I almost always have extra tix for football games, let me know if you want to go...
I'm hoping several of our guys will be getting major payoffs this weekend...
PS: (I can't believe I haven't made some remarks to the post-name "Gator-something". I am being very restrained. Will be going through Gainesville tomorrow, maybe I can stay out of trouble.

Re: buying a house on AC - 04/19/01 06:15 PM

Mary Stephensen lives right there in the neighborhood and manages our property. Give her an e-mail at [email protected]
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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/19/01 06:42 PM

I have been in contact with Graniel's (mohogany furniture) and Hummingbird (Rattan furniture). We'll probably buy the furniture locally (there), but there is SO MUCH other stuff to buy. The house is brand new, so we have to buy everything from linens to pots and pans.
If you send me your e-mail address we'll keep in touch. (see mine below) I'd love to see your house, as we didn't get to explore the area South of San Pedro much. And I'd love to invite you up to ours for a swim in the pool and a cold one if we are ever in Paradise at the same time!

Kathy -- [email protected]
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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/19/01 06:45 PM

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is great. We hope to do the same soon. Whish us luck that we can find something we can afford. We might buy land and have our little dream beach house built if that is cheaper.
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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/19/01 07:26 PM

oh, now I see. "I be a Nole" Sorry I missed it!! Regarding Gator comments, I AM surprised you've controlled yourself so far! I know how these things can get. I split my time between Naples & Sarawee Village outside Dangriga. Don't hit the cayes much anymore. Just doing a little plug for my friends' biz now & then. By the way, Sue has moved back to San Pedro full time as of April 11th.
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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/19/01 09:15 PM

OK - I give up! What is a NOLE?

Also, is you new home on the Southwind web page so we can see a picture of it?!

Re: buying a house on AC - 04/19/01 10:15 PM

A "Nole" is short for Seminole....what that is i am not sure....a Seminole, is almost a full Nole? Half Nole?

No, it is the mascot for Florida State University.

Now as a Nebraska Alum, I could sit here and tell you that the team is full of non - scholar players, and that their Quarterback they used last year was 35 years old.

But us Nebraska type people, have much respect for good programs, and Florida State is one of the countrys best (just not THE best [Linked Image]

Plus coming from the Tom Osborne era, we like Bobby Bowden.

I hope you now Know what a "nole" is and since you are on this board wanting to hear about belize, i'm sure by now you are completly bored.
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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/19/01 10:53 PM

I know I'm being nosy but I'm sure others are interested. What did the house cost? I spent a little time looking whie in AC casually and more in Placencia. I felt i would have to spend alot more time researching everything before I bought into a place. Understand if you don't want to divulge that info. Good luck with your new digs.
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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/19/01 11:26 PM

I don't know if it is still on the Southwinds page or not, it is listed as the Holiday Lands house, white with green trim. The asking price was 140k, but we offered 110 and he accepted.
Well, we priced some items down there, and although some prices were pretty good, the quality wasn't always that great. We will buy the appliances there, even the tv's, washer/dryer, microwaves weren't too expensive, and they have name brands. We will be bringing in linens, towels, etc. I have been doing some shopping here for some decorative items that will be easy to take down.
Since there are 2 of us, we can check 2 large duffles each, and pack our clothing in carry-ons. Maybe we'll have to make several trips...

Please note that there are many places that are not so expensive, and many have more than one unit, so one could be rented out. And the asking prices... forget that... we were told by friends who live on the island that you can buy property and build very cheaply, it just takes time.
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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/19/01 11:31 PM

KOZ KOZ KOZ!!! Nebraska rules baby!!! we gotta tawk..... i know one of the scouts for Neb... wondering if you know him??? since bbrrrland here has no place to swim during the summer.. only iceskate.... i head up to Lake McConaughy... love that white sand and warm water!!!
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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/24/01 09:54 PM

My apologies to ibanole, but I am afraid that ibagator. I too am planning on buying property on AC. I presently live in St.Augustine, but can you imagine the party we can throw when the Gators play the Noles at the end of the season at AC? I will be looking at some properties in June. If you guys are around then maybe my wife and I can join you for a cocktail somewhere. I will be wearing orange & blue.LOL
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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/24/01 11:40 PM

Ibagator and Ibanole: [Linked Image]

Well, Ibaduck. I'd love to meet up on the Big Island, but I won't be there until July.

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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/25/01 12:00 AM

ibabeaver! Stop laughing. Clean up your dirty minds. I not only be a beaver, I be a double beaver. Oregon State University and Beaverton Union High School. No wonder I like Halloween (Orange & Black) Would that be "ibabeaverx2?"
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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/25/01 05:45 AM

I love St. Augustine! One of my favorite places in the world is the Conch House for Reggae Sundays!
Well, I'm sorry that you'll be licking your wounds alone after my Noles stomp on your Gators. I have season tix for the Noles, and my Dad is a Gator, so I go either place! And I already have my order in for the Fiesta Bowl in Jan 02!!!
We'll have to get together, we arrive May 30 for 8 days. My house will be the one with the big Noles and Buffalo Bills flags!
PS: Sorry to the Beavers and others... this is a Florida thang! (However, someone did respond earlier as a Husker... kudos for a great program... I give respect where it is due).
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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/25/01 07:46 AM

Hey! You still live in Oregon? My brother played football for the beavs back in the Dee Andros heyday. (yeah... he played against O.J.)

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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/25/01 04:00 PM

Ibanole.....My wife and I are going to Placencia first but will be in AC on June 5th. We have to meet you. I own a waterfront restaurant in St.Augustine...
Next time you are in town stop by and I will buy you lunch. Email me at [email protected] I can tell you some great Gator stories.... I promise! Oh yea your Noles are going to get a big butt-kicking in "DA Swamp" this year...I promise that too!..LOL
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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/25/01 04:11 PM

Ibahusker, too. From Omaha, and Ditto on Lake McConaughy. My husband's band actually sings a song about 'Surf McConaughy'. We and our friends (The Professionals) have an outing scheduled there this summer. I won't tell you what we are professional at doing as it's not something to be too proud of -- let's just say it involves a lot of groggy mornings and aspirin. It ain't no Caribbean and Ogalala ain't no San Pedro but we take what we can get here in the Heartland. It makes us appreciate our getaways to AC that much more.
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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/25/01 06:41 PM

For KC...ibaduck

A duck walks into a feed store and asks,

"Got any duck feed?"

The clerk tells him, "No, we don't have a market for it it so we don't carry it."

The duck says, "Okay" and leaves.

The next day, the duck walks in to the
feed store and asks, "Got any duck feed?"

Again the clerk says no and the duck leaves.

Next day, the duck walks in, and asks,

"Got any duck feed?"

The clerk says, "I've told you twice, we don't have duck feed, we've never had duck feed and we never will have duck feed. If you ask me again, I'll nail your feet to the floor."

The duck leaves.

The next day, the duck walks in and asks, "Got any nails?"

"No," comes the reply.

"Got any duck feed?"

Re: buying a house on AC - 04/25/01 10:44 PM

its a nebraska state motto isnt it?

"Come get some sand in your crack and big mac."

It's certainley doesent measure up to "no shirt no shoes no problem"

But it gets the point across.

Diann and all the other huskers, we are looking at buying some land on the lake, have the money for the land, but not the house that goes on it.

e-mail me

[email protected]


the noles vs the gators is always a fun game, winner gets nebraska in the national championship.
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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/26/01 01:52 AM

Excuse me, but I don't remember seeing any huskers or gators in our big game the last few years... yes, I know... all that work and we only got one National Championship out of the 3 games. There's always next year!
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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/26/01 04:32 AM

Cap'n Bigzeke:

We ducks is persistent, huh?

Are you suggesting that we also might be one Pepsi short of a six-pack? [Linked Image]

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Re: buying a house on AC - 04/30/01 08:09 PM

just a quick correction....

The Nebraska Football Huskers won three National Championships in the 90's

Including back to backs, the first over Miami, the second over The Gators, and that one was a blow out...65-24 if I remeber right.
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Re: buying a house on AC - 05/01/01 04:08 AM

Yeah cajunflo!

GEAUX TIGERS - all the way to Omaha!
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Re: buying a house on AC - 05/01/01 03:47 PM

Will y'all cajuns be back in Omaha for the CWS this year? I probably shold know but I don't follow the games until all the teams are in place.
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Re: buying a house on AC - 05/01/01 04:30 PM

hey Koz....
just emailed ya bout Lake Mac. and you tell'em dude bout our boys!!! but who da heck are these gators?!?!!?
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Re: buying a house on AC - 05/01/01 07:51 PM

Suzan, I heard they are renaming it Eauxmaha!!!!!!!!LOL Bill and Jeanne, where are you from??

Jay in St. Martinville
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