Diann....hey girl!

Posted By: Mary and Scott

Diann....hey girl! - 04/20/01 03:21 AM

Diann..hey girl, when are you going to AC? Would love to meet up wit ya, but we can't go back till September/October! Where are you staying?
Posted By: diann

Re: Diann....hey girl! - 04/20/01 07:32 AM

Uh oh.. i think what i have is contagious... [Linked Image] well, here's the dirt. when?? who knows... where am i staying?? depends on dese here dudes on dis board... JUST KIDDIN!! lol...
No, seriously tho; I'm not so sure. I had it all planned for this week [Linked Image] but I let someone drive one of my cars, and well... long story short, they totaled it!!!
#2 problemo... I need knee surgery... (dang.. dere goes my following!!) My first thoughts and needs were just for R&R in da water, but, now I am going to get certified (yeah, I know, I'm already a certified NUT case lol), so in order to do that, I've got to get the surgery done. So... now that I've thoroughly answered your questions.. NOT!! I'm so sorry to say I don't know [Linked Image] But, I'd love to meet up with you, and in fact a lot of happenin people from dis here board, so, I guess we'll see. Living in Colorado, well, you've heard.. I can't stand the winters!! Summers aren't bad 'cept for the lack of WARM water, but, I want to go in winter to escape the torture, so most likely not til then... big time bummer!! But, I can be persuaded... lol
As far as where to stay, well, that is overwhelming!!! I'd like to get there and check things out and then stay here or there. One place up north has my attention, cuz of the beaches, and I'll be hunting down that 'no shoes, no shirt, no problemo' beach; but I know I also NEED to stay in town for the nite life. Sheesh... see da prob's us blonde chicks have?!??! confusion, confushion, konfushion!!! Any suggestions?!?! JK.. I've read all your great posts. I still think I just want to get there and pick and choose; my luck, I'll have ta bring da tent baby!! lol... So sadly, looks like you're going before me. But, if'n I hit dat whoppin CO lottery (whatta joke!) I'll just buy me a one way ticket........... are you asleep yet?? I'm sure da Pirate guy is by now!!! ciao for now...

email me if you'd like
[email protected]

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Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Diann....hey girl! - 04/20/01 07:42 AM

hey diann...
First of all, don't stay north because of the beaches... there are none. They clear a few feet of weed and tell eveyone they have a beach. How do I know? I use to work up north and I told them we had a great beach. Maybe growing up and going to Wildwood and Atlantic City has given me a false impression of what a beach is but....

I'd stay in town or just south of town... remember Belize isn't known for it's beaches at all, mainly because it has none. Known more for scuba and mayan ruins.
Posted By: Over_40_Pirate

Re: Diann....hey girl! - 04/20/01 04:01 PM

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ......huh? what? did it again!!! You were saying???
Mary and Scott...we're gonna have to use drastic action to get Diann moving. You guys get a big trunk...A REALLY BIG TRUNK...and I'll get some duct tape and rope. We meet in Denver, then go hijack Diann. Scott, I hope you been workin' out buddy...
Posted By: diann

Re: Diann....hey girl! - 04/20/01 05:49 PM

Hey dere way_over_dem_4k_hills_pegleggin_pirate_wit_da_hardbody .... what's dis?!?!? what part of my bod are you referring to as being BIG?!?!?!? ahem..... yeah, well kidnap me all ya want; cuz den youse'd be da ones havin to pay dis chicks way babe, and i'm all for dat muthery action dude!!! i'm packin, baby.. i'm packin!!!!

Oh Dennman... i know that AC isn't known for it's beaches, but... you do have beautiful white sand, and breathtaking water, so how bout if i take my rake?? i mean, dis chicks gotta pack sumpthin!!!! but, staying in town, i'd be afraid i'd OFFend someone!!! thanx for da honesty tho...

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Posted By: Ken & Lynne

Re: Diann....hey girl! - 04/21/01 04:46 AM

I'm in on the hijacking, how fast can she (diann) move with one good leg.. hey how ja hurt that knee anyway..hmmmm? K man
Posted By: Over_40_Pirate

Re: Diann....hey girl! - 04/21/01 08:43 PM

Didn't you know??? She spends most her time on them......
.......did I say big??? I meant T-A-L-L, you amazon blonde!
Posted By: Mary and Scott

Re: Diann....hey girl! - 04/22/01 02:49 AM

Pirate..don't have a large trunk, but a pick-up...we could toss her in the back and off we go! Scott just had his hip replaced (at the tender young age of 45!) so he is primed! We are looking into the Tropica..has the best beach we have seen so far...can't wait till fall! Get that knee fixed, Diann girl...
Posted By: diann

Re: Diann....hey girl! - 04/23/01 06:10 PM

Well hey all youse happenin peoplez.... where da hey are ya?!??! i'm just sittin here in dis friggin brrlland sportin my weed eater attire, and no one is showin UP!!! dese guys are just all tawk man....
oh, and Kenman...i think that ol wanna pegleg Pirate answered your question bud [Linked Image]

and THANK YOU ya little pegleggin Pirate... i was diggin that BIG stuff... but now i'm just da amazon blonde... sheesh....can't ya let a goil just dream for da minnie??!?!? i'd love ta be doublee blessed like dat...

yo mary... we gotta feel for dis man's woman..... "Pirate don't have a large trunk" tawk about getting dissed in life!!!

say, what kinda truck did ya say ya had??!!? was it one off dat list?!! a toyota????hmmm?!??!?
Posted By: Over_40_Pirate

Re: Diann....hey girl! - 04/23/01 08:45 PM

What's this??? Yer takin' pot-shots at the Pirate while he's out plunderin' an' pillaging? Be careful, wench...the ole' pegleg has more than one has been used as a device that will leave ya screamin' and gasping fer yer breath! Now excuse me while I go lookin' fer a trunk large enuf to hold yer ego.... [Linked Image]

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Posted By: Mary and Scott

Re: Diann....hey girl! - 04/24/01 02:48 AM

Diann...I love my truck..just got a Mawzda (How we say in in Kentucky)extended cab pick uuuppp in Jan. Fawr dahrs(4-doors),auto, power, gooood ride! We are getting ready for our big hoopla of the year, the Kentucky Derby...just had our big fireworks display, next weekend is the Hot Air Balloon race, followed by the Derby the next weekend...we in Kentucky even put on our shoes for this big week! Don't even marry our kin during these festivites!
Posted By: Over_40_Pirate

Re: Diann....hey girl! - 04/24/01 03:42 AM

A Mawzda truck ain't gonna do it...even if you beef up the suspension. We need us a 18-wheeler big-rig!!! [Linked Image]

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Posted By: Ken & Lynne

Re: Diann....hey girl! - 04/24/01 06:36 AM

Pirate do you think we should throw in a hilo with that there 18 wheeler? would hate to throw out my back before the coconut fest.
diann goood to sea your back on board here was begining to think you had to come up for air. k-man
Posted By: Over_40_Pirate

Re: Diann....hey girl! - 04/24/01 04:03 PM

Great idea k-man!! I been workin' out, but I can only bench press we're definitely gonna need the hilo...grab the rig an' get out here!!!
Posted By: Mary and Scott

Re: Diann....hey girl! - 04/25/01 03:26 AM

Pirate...Damn! I was hoping to get a chance to take my pick-up out west! Oh, well!
Posted By: Over_40_Pirate

Re: Diann....hey girl! - 04/25/01 04:18 PM

Bring it out anyway....we's gonna need all the help we kin git!!!
Posted By: diann

Re: Diann....hey girl! - 04/30/01 08:24 AM

geez laweeze!!!! tawk about slow...... i've been sitting here, even tied myself up in anticipation of the dis kidnappin bizness, but do ya think any of youse could come thru wit it?!!!?!?! first dat axerman makes dis chick wait at de airport... NO SHOW, NO TIX, you got da picture on dis one, right goils??? so, then it's home to da ropes and blindfolds baby. but NOOOOOOOO.... not a soul shows up wit any action. guess dey be awl tawk.... you musta been braggin bout a tonka truck dere dude kenman....

you're right ya Way_far_over_da_hills_wannabe_pegleg... I HAVE BEEN ON MY KNEES!!! but before you guys go gettin awl excited, it's only cuz i've been repairing what some wanna be tiler thought he could do!!! tried to tell him how NOT to do it, but da guy just had to go and screw it up. so whaddya gonna do; i did it right!!!
Posted By: Axeman

Re: Diann....hey girl! - 04/30/01 01:23 PM

So, on your knee's eh? Tile..ya a likly excuse....I was wondering where you were...and I only left you at the airport cause Over 40..I didn't want to leave him alone with no one to talk to...Us guys have to look out for each other!...Well off to work folks YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
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