Remote/Internet Workers in San Pedro

Posted By: geezbelize

Remote/Internet Workers in San Pedro - 07/08/16 09:44 PM

I recently moved to San Pedro and run my own internet-based business. Two things:
1. Does anyone have any advice on where to work remotely within San Pedro? I've been working at home, but I wanted to get out a couple days a week.
2. Would anyone be interested in a Freelance Friday meetup once a month, or once a week? I'm thinking about starting a Belize chapter.
Posted By: Judyann H.

Re: Remote/Internet Workers in San Pedro - 07/09/16 02:36 PM

Hello JeannaB....If you're simply looking for a change of scenery and require fast WIFI you are welcome to join us during our Happy Hour schedule on the Veranda.....Tuesday through Saturday from 3p-5:30....It is quiet this time of year and you can set up on one of the tables out front, watch your neighbors go by and connect to the rest of the world....If you come in, be sure and ask for me, we enjoy meeting message board guests in person..... We are 2.5 miles South San Pedro, after the Croc Pond and well before the Marco Gonzales Mayan Site.......
Posted By: geezbelize

Re: Remote/Internet Workers in San Pedro - 07/11/16 03:53 PM

Thank you JudyAnn! I will do that this week!
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