Blue Tang Inn

Posted By: RondaR

Blue Tang Inn - 08/05/16 01:10 PM

Anybody know if there was damage to Blue Tang Inn?
Posted By: Favoriteirishgirl

Re: Blue Tang Inn - 08/05/16 02:29 PM

I've been told that all of the hotels are okay. Messy, but intact. They are busy with clean up.
Posted By: RondaR

Re: Blue Tang Inn - 08/05/16 02:50 PM

Thank goodness!! I'm glad to hear this.
Posted By: BZ Bound

Re: Blue Tang Inn - 08/05/16 11:57 PM

What about travel to the island? Are planes and boats still able to transport people?
Posted By: Judyann H.

Re: Blue Tang Inn - 08/06/16 02:28 PM

Planes & some boat services were back on schedule yesterday (Friday).....In fact other than a muddy mess and the sad loss of many of our piers and pier businesses today seems a little more normal. The Black Orchid Restaurant was open last night to a full house and many of our neighbors joined us for dinner and although we were still a little shaken up we found some laughs & comfort in each others company....
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