Moving Water Taxi Services to Lagoon Terminal

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Moving Water Taxi Services to Lagoon Terminal - 08/13/16 11:59 AM

A proposed new route from Caye Caulker to San Pedro through the south channels would increase the total miles traveled from 13 to 16

Work Begins to Move San Pedro Water Taxi Services to Lagoon Terminal

San Pedro Mayor Daniel Guerrero has made it clear that the water taxi services will be moved to the international terminal that is located on the back side of the island along the Sunset Boardwalk and sports complex. It is just a matter of time when all the arrangement have been carried out to properly facilitate both companies running the water taxi service.

The Government of Belize enhanced the lagoon area with a new docking terminal with the intention for it to be put to good use. The $5.6MIL project was completed in 2014 but unfortunately the conditions at the terminal upon completion were not ideal for the water taxis to dock their larger vessels. This has made the job of the Town Council more difficult to relocate the two businesses to the back of the island.

This week the Town Council and Area Representative met up with water taxi representatives, Belize Port Authority, Department of Environment, Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Belize Coast Guard to commence arrangements and ease the transition of the water taxi services to the lagoon side of the island.

The group looked at the following issues:

  • Map new route from Caye Caulker to San Pedro
  • Avoiding the shallow channels on approaching the south of the island
  • Considering/Assessing dredging certain areas
  • Dredging around the terminal area to allow larger vessels to dock
  • Upgrading terminal area to accommodate more passenger waiting areas, ticket booths, house both water taxi service services, expansion, among other minor issues

Main concern of the water taxi services are longer travel time and increase in fuel costs due to longer routes to access the lagoon dock. This could mean an increase of 10 to 20 minutes travel time to Caye Caulker and an increase in fare for passengers. Another concern is that of boat/passenger safety due to shallow areas approaching the south end of Ambergris Caye and back lagoon.

Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Minister Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. assured the water taxi companies that their team will work quickly to assist with the fastest and smoothest transition to the lagoon terminal. They will look at dredging possibilities to allow for safer and deeper routes for the vessels and make improvements to the terminal to accommodate the water taxis and passengers. Projections of completing this transition phase should take about three months, according to Mayor Guerrero.

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Posted By: joekerland

Re: Moving Water Taxi Services to Lagoon Terminal - 08/16/16 06:36 PM

Whenever I asked tour and taxi operators about why they hadn't moved to the lagoon side after port completion, the answer was always teh same. Too much further and not deep enough. Too much farther always meant a fare increase to me. Dredging seems to be a still 'just being talked about' conversation instead of some action taken in that regard.

Three months to transition the businesses to the lagoon side, but still only discussing the possibility of dredging. Seems to be it should be the other way around?
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Moving Water Taxi Services to Lagoon Terminal - 08/16/16 09:42 PM

Great idea on many levels and we need to make it work.
Posted By: Jameela01

Re: Moving Water Taxi Services to Lagoon Terminal - 08/23/16 12:36 PM

sure wish we could move all the motorized taxis somewhere else!!!!
Posted By: bywarren

Re: Moving Water Taxi Services to Lagoon Terminal - 08/23/16 04:17 PM

Originally Posted by Jameela01
sure wish we could move all the motorized taxis somewhere else!!!!

Get rid of the tourists and the ex-pats and you won't need them. Problem solved. smile
Posted By: elbert

Re: Moving Water Taxi Services to Lagoon Terminal - 08/24/16 06:02 PM

Larger boats or boats too tall can't pass under the bridge so it would be several miles and hours to detour around the point of Ambergris Caye and back up to the Lagoon Terminal from the direction of Cayo Espanto. The terminal is also placed in water too shallow for miles for approach for any vessel of size. Extremely impractical if vessels are coming in from the East side or sea side of the island to San Pedro. The lagoon Terminal location was a bad idea and it won't be made into a useful terminal. It was a bad project by previous government. Useless as a pork sandwich at a Jewish picnic. The Town Board should find another use for the building and start over.
In the 1800's James Howard Blake owned the entire island and could place his dock anywhere he wanted. He chose the sweetest spot near the wide and deep Tuffy Cut close to deeper water at the shore on the East side at what is now the Towns Central Park. He built his house there and a huge sturdy dock to serve commerce for the entire island. This is the most logical spot for the Island Terminal and owned by the Town.
Trying to force a different location on what is obviously the correct spot is and will be expensive and full of obstacles.
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